Nothing else City Like It – William Koenig on The Jim Bakker Program

William Koenig clarifies just what it resembles to stay in Washington D.C., spreading out the message of Jesus Christ. He likewise goes over Israel’s pythonic nature.

We require an evangelical concentrate on the spirit of The U.S.A. which’s the Lord’s only response. -William Koenig

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Discovery 16: 16 MEV They collected them with each other to the area which in Hebrew is called Armageddon.

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  1. I say to folks if you want to know what the spirit of satan is or who he controls, find out what God claims as His own and identify who on Earth wants it and who persecutes it and satan and his demons are behind it.   I so look forward to seeing the Lord one day, God gave me a warrior spirit and I can't wait to face off with satan and his minions one day, Lord willing!!! Praise Jesus!!!

  2. Please do not divide Jerusalem.  It is our Father's Capital city promised to the Jews. And promised to the rest of us believers in the New Heaven as our World Capital and throne of our loving leader Jesus Christ our savior. for ever and ever. Amen


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