God Calling

A recollection and also lamentation on both The U.S.A.’s excellent beginning and also her awful decrease as A Christian Country. 2 Chronicles 15:1 -6.

JHV421 – A Freedom Day Lecture.


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  1. That was a POWERFUL and KNOWLEDGE-FILLED sermon!
    I learned some history I had forgotten and some I didn't know.
    Our President Trump needs to be made aware of it so that he can hear and see it for himself,
    AND share it with our Government!!

  2. I am a Christian man with America, One Nation under God written on every cell of my body. This message that God has blessed us with passing over the lips of Brother Jack is well received and I concur with every word. If I may continue with one thought. I also love our muslim brothers and sisters as well, and if their "religion" has but one thing I like, it is that the muslim people are true to their religion and leader with a tenacity that I wish I could say about our brothers and sisters in Christ that we SHOULD have for Jesus Christ our LORD. Jesus died for us and we should do no less than live for him.

  3. Before the United States .. all of the crowned heads of Europe.. every Kaiser, Czar, Emperor and King claimed for themselves the divine right to rule… Our founding documents turned it all on it's head by claiming those divine rights belong to ALL the people.

  4. Outstanding message!!! I'll be sharing this with a couple of key slides. Thank you so much for all history and work that went into this…phenomenal! Blessings to you, your family, and your community! 🙏🏻

  5. That was an awesome message and so inspiring. God bless you Pastor Jack and thank you for your courage and heart! Prayer is a powerful force and we will not stop , just like Daniel, even if they throw us in prison or try to feed us to the lions!