God’s Male For The Ages – Component 1// Isaiah 42:1-25

Isaiah’s calling as a prophet was mostly to the country of Judah as well as to the city of Jerusalem, He prompted individuals to repent from their wrongs as well as to go back to God. He likewise forewarned the resulting the Messiah as well as the redemption of the Lord as well as completion of days occasions …

WNV690 – Isaiah: God Is Our Redemption


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  1. I have experienced a "Come to Jesus" day! If I ever doubted that I was saved, I now know I am a born again Christian!
    Having gone against one of Christ's commandments, I suffered conviction that was unbearable! Having repented and asked for forgiveness, I am praising Him for restoring me and giving Him all the glory!

  2. I am living proof that Jesus doesn't let go! As a child I was raised a Christian. But the older I got the more Liberal I became and soon professed that the "good thing" was bull puckie. Then 3 years ago I began studying ISLAM to prove to my Christian relatives that Islam was good, and we all worship the same god. To make the story short, it was seeing the BLINDNESS Muslims have to their Qur'an, and that a truly evil spirit influencing them blinded them, was what made me realize Satan IS REAL and so I gave my life BACK to Jesus. Praise Jesus!

  3. From 43:50 – on…I'm listening to this and this was for me.

    Thank you, Pastor Jack. I needed to hear this. I'm at that place you described. The enemy, through life's circumstances, has gotten me to the point where I barely feel God's Presence or see His hand in my life anymore. I truly feel as though I have become sterile.

    I still love Him and I'm still hanging on, but I really, REALLY needed to hear this.