End-Time Converging Trends– Dr. Ron Rhodes

For even more Olive Tree Ministries Resources go here: http://www.olivetreeviews.org. Jan Markell and also Eric Barger welcome Ron Rhodes. They review his latest publication, “End-Time Super Trends.” It appears the future is currently with taking off patterns which are God’s “intel in advance.” From the thrill to globalism and also a cashless culture, the globe is competing to a last location. Occasions are changing as never ever in the past. Discover of the 15 patterns impacting you today. We make use of the mobile application located athttp://www.oneplace.com.


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  1. The United States will not come to the aid of Israel during the Gog Magog war because when the catching away happens, there will no longer be a support in the United States for Israel. The U.S will be against Israel because the word of God says that ALL nations will be gathered against Israel. This guy is alright but no better than anybody else. He is just lumped together with the rest of the teachers that have to sell books. Shame.

  2. Thanks Jan, I listen to your broadcast every Sunday 12:00pm on 90.5fm I've learned so much from you and your guests. I have been a prophecy students for years now it's exciting to see and hear changing times occurring in 21 century. Come quickly Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You

  3. The Churches have become lukewarm and we know how the Lord feels about it. They are more social centers and won't get into Prophecy foretold in the Bible as they might offend someone. All about keeping attendance up and the money coming in. I can find better Ministers on TV and Christian videos on the pc such as you Jan. Truly, this world is not our Home.

  4. Can you give an illustration of how His coming is near?
     “So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near…” Matthew 24:33
    The beginning of sorrows will be the labor pangs. (Mat. 24:8)

    The great tribulation of the saints is the hard labor. (Mat. 24:21-22)

    The Son of Man gathering His elect is the delivery. (Mat. 24:30-31)

  5. Wide path Christians reject the Fathers Feast and partake in the abominations of Christmas and easter ! and Eat swines flesh and reject HIS Sabbaths and TORAH
    Lets look at the word Iniquity/Lawlessness as in Matthew 7:23
    BDB/Thayers # 458 anomia {an-om-ee'-ah} from 459; TDNT – 4:1085,646; n f AV – iniquity 12, unrighteousness 1, transgress the law + 4060 1, transgression of the law 1; 15 1) the condition of without law 1a) because ignorant of it 1b) because of violating it 2) contempt and violation of law, iniquity, wickedness……………What did Yeshua/Jesus say in Matt. 7:23?
    “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law/TORAH : for sin is the transgression of the law/TORAH .” ….1 John 3:4

  6. I appreciate the encouragement of Ron Rhodes in these last days. This message was certainly eye-opening. However, I must take minor exception to his statement that the falling away is from "church" membership. The falling away, or rebellion, is from faith in Jesus Christ.  Please don't put false guilt on the sheep who found it necessary to leave a sheepfold when we heard His call to come out and follow Him. This is one of the best things I've read and heard on this dilemma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOHKk0qZAoE Come, Lord Jesus!

  7. Sadly, Some churches are ran like a business. Truth is these ministers are teaching apostasy; they teach seeker friendly: we are here to please you. Some teach that God blesses with material wealth…Just the opposite of Jesus's life. Never teaching that we come humbly to God and need to be fed the Word of God= Truth in Doctrine. We need to put on the mind of Christ and ask Him to forgive us our sins and open our eyes to truth. We are a Romans 1 culture. We need Pastor's & Teachers to teach truth. Thank you Jan for this ministry and getting great teachers on your radio show. I love to follow this program to hear the latest prophecy.

  8. With an all (but two) Jesuit schooled Roman Catholic US Supreme Court justices (Gorsuch is Jesuit trained and only recently switched to the most liberal Episcopal church in the US), and Jesuit trained Catholic judges being placed on the bench everywhere…we are subtly being set up for the worship of the antichrist — a pope ruling from the Vatican. There's a reason our founding fathers warned against Catholics in places of power like judgeships.

  9. I have been saying this for sometime now, that something awful is coming America's way. Mark my words, if God does not judge America for her whoredom, he'll have to apologize to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Bible says that God is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man that he shall, REPENT! God changes not! He has not changed his mind concerning sin, especially sin that he sent his son to die an awful death for. I call for all Christians to repent and live a holy life, in the name of King Jesus.

  10. I have heard many EXPLAIN AWAY the prophesies concerning the invaders riding horses into battle against Israel as pre 1st century prophet's interpreting 21st technology. An EMP attack would easily explain absence of tanks, planes and automobiles in the visions of the prophets.

  11. I don’t consider that I’ve “fallen away” I don’t go to any church anymore because there is not one in my area that hasn’t changed to seeker friendly etc. The last sign on the billboard was same place New time same fun.i have gone to nearly all of the evangelical groups searching and they are all the same around here. When I have tried to address my concerns I morning laughed at and tol to move into the new century.