Crumbling or Into Area?– Michele Bachmann

For even more Olive Tree Ministries Resources visit this site: Jan Markell and also Michele Bachmann go over present occasions, the United Nations, and also concerns associated with the Trump management. While occasions are troubling, Jan and also Michele advise audiences that points are in fact forming. We utilize the mobile application discovered at


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  1. These TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITES, ESPECIALLY Bachmann, talked about how uneasy relations are with russia, iran and north korea. They blamed it on satan, gay marriage, immorality in the u.s. INSTEAD of admitting the REAL CAUSE. Trump's utter childishness and big mouth when it comes to dealing with these countries. They would have JUMPED ALL OVER the chance to blame Obama. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves for falling for this absolutely ridiculous rhetoric. SHAME ON YOU.

  2. ….May the LORD protect President Donald J. Trump and VP Mike Pence and their families from all traitors and deceptive advisers, serpents in the grass and keep them safe from all enemies near and far….and give them His Wisdom to make good decisions for His Glory and Honor and Praise and always stand by Israel and bless Israel, in Yeshua's Name Amen. Israel MUST NOT be divided!

  3. Not in Canada anymore. Trudeau is working very hard to wipe out Christianity in Canada he said the problem with the world is Christianity. He frequently visits the Wahhabi mosque which was declared a terrorist sympathizer and organization.

  4. Have the spiritual advisors not informed the President of the truth and potential impact on this country of Genesis 12? Truly, this is something I expected VP Mike Pence to handle and thoroughly explain to President Trump…prayers for them and their administration…love our President !

  5. Totally agree with Michele Bachmann. The basis with those who are in this SWAMP are the constituents, who put them into office in the first place. There is always a root to a problem; consequently, the way I see it is that the combination many Americans having been brainwashed, disillusioned, and even bribed by this corruption — have not only succumbed to, but also become addicted to the very things, entitlements, etc. that are holding our country entangled in the talons of tyranny . . . even fascism to the extent of the people not seeing nor even wishing to change. One by one they are selling out their birthright, their inalienable rights NOT given to them by this corrupt government, but by our Sovereign God.

    Until people get past their spoiled upbringing and are willing to once again pay the price for freedom and liberty; thereby, taking responsibility and the rule back out of the hands of implanted enemies . . . all the insatiable, lovely words will do no good, as we have seen in Congress, in changing the foundation from quicksand back into solid stone. A house built upon quicksand quickly falls . . . and America is no different than any other kingdom or nation.

    “ The story goes that as Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall at the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a woman asked him, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”.

    Mr. Franklin replied, “A republic, madam – if you can keep it.” ”

    Perhaps we can also add to that statement by Franklin — “ . . . and IF, you choose to put forth the unselfish effort and sacrifice to do so.”

    How important are your addictive, wicked lifestyles, your self-indulged freedom to commit your self-absorbed atrocities, and do so without one twinge of concern about what past generations have sacrificed . . . even their very lives for your selfish freedoms to be so gallant and careless in providing absolutely nothing for future generations to cherish, honor, or protect?

    It is a great concern that President Trump has fallen prey to those he trusts, who are misleading and misadvising him. It seem startling that so many that had worked so hard and supported Trump to get him into office . . . have found themselves on the outside looking in, as they have been fired or left of their own accord — this is not a good sign. President Trump seems like he has softened his promises and like so many in this corrupt government, he made the promises to get in . . . and now it is easier to go along with the flow of the tide rather than to oppose it. He needs a lot of prayer on his behalf, that he does not let the position go to his head, and that he allows the influence of fallible men to be his conscience rather than MUCH prayer and MUCH READING of the TRUE WORD OF GOD.