Mid-East Revelation Update– December 31 st, 2017

Priest J.D. speaks about the relevance of the pythonic growths in 2017 and also their effects for 2018.– Those desiring to offer to Calvary Church Kaneohe, please check outhttp://www.calvarychapelkaneohe.com/index.php/donatetocalvarykaneohe


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  1. Hello, Pastor JD. Thank you so much, again, for these prophecy updates. I was wondering whether you have an opinion on Babylon in Iraq, becoming an international trade hub. Perhaps you could do a prophecy update on this?
    I include links below, that contains information about UNESCO adding the Ahwar to its world heritage list; tours are going to Babylon and there seem to be a tourist resort now, in Babylon! (although, you probably already know about this….)



  2. Hello JD. Good update on 12-31. Thank you for your ministry. I was touched by the Spirit on your comment encouraging us to purify ourselves according to 1Jn 3:3. I and many I know have had life issues over the past few years with seemingly increasing frequency and severity. It is common for us (me especially) being "fix it' or "understand it" people to want an answer. Maybe, God is just helping us get purified (ie I "told you" about purifying yourself, NOW, with the end approaching, I will SHOW you about purification…). Finding many reasons to be grateful…

  3. Licorice root tea does wonders for the lungs…but careful…licorice root can deplete you of potassium…….best to supplement extra potassium in diet if you use licorice root…

  4. The Persian populace, aka, Iranian people are at it again. But this time, in the USA, we have a real President in power with Cojones that will help the Iranian Citizens carry on their complaints about the Iranian Leaders not helping the Citizens in whole!
    When Spineless Obama was in the White House, and the Iranian People complaint, Obama did nothing to help them! On the contrary, Obama sent the Iranian Government 150 Billion Dollars!

  5. Pastor JD why do Christian hate President Assad? under him his country kept the peace treaty with Israel and Christians were protected. I tend to worry about Assad's replacement.

  6. Correction: Pastor JD I have a question: You almost said this in your message today. Do you suppose that the Iranian regime will launch an attach on Israel as a diverse AGAINST their internal demonstrations?

  7. Pastor JD I have a question: You almost said this in your message today. Do you suppose that the Iranian regime will launch an attach on Israel as a diverse again their internal demonstrations?


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