Mid-East Revelation Update– January 14 th, 2018

Priest J.D. attends to the dud of a North Oriental ballistic rocket hazard to Hawaii.– Those wanting to provide to Calvary Church Kaneohe, please check outhttp://www.calvarychapelkaneohe.com/index.php/donatetocalvarykaneohe


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  1. Looking high and low for conversion statistics. Cannot find anything recent. 2014 stats… Catholic stats, Anglican stats…. Muslims converting to Christianity stats? Someone find these?

  2. JD – You often, humbly, apologize for taking time needed to make a point or cover a verse, or chapter, to its conclusion.  No need!  GOD has gifted you, JD, with presentation!   Often re-listen to your messages!   Messages rich with GOD's wisdom and truth!  Truly a blessing to your listeners!  Have other friends who listen, too!

  3. The Lord always quotes responses to everything. We can read scripture as if a news story complete with responses.
    I don't recall i scripture any responses or quotes about a large amount of people being removed as by rapture. It doesn't seem reasonable to not have quotes and responses about a noticeable amount of people vanishing.

    Luke 17 one taken one left is taken to judgment. I'm not against the "rapture" I just think what we have been taught up till now should be something we anticipate a time of reveal and end times work of disclosure as He brings us into all truth.

  4. I didn't know Pastor JD has a beard now! I know, I'm digressing! Tylor and Marcy! I have been so emotionally beaten by my son and grandson since I had to come here to live in June. I chose to go to sleep, in order to cope, so to be honest, I didn't even know about the alert, until a couple of days after it happened. All I do is cry out in anguish to the Lord, because It hurts so much that they have grown to hate me so much. When Jesus told us that even our own families would come to hate us, I guess I never understood the concept that well! I also never could get how Christians could go to hell, but sadly, I do now. They claim to be what they're not.

  5. I have been attending an apostolic church for 4 years and really love and support my church, but our pastor has never preached on end times hence me tuning in on pastor Farag, it saddens me that he doesn’t, as we all need to be woken up.

  6. +JD Farag
    I really felt a wave of compassion for that older guy you worked with at MB. Maybe because I related to that story on every level and from every perspective. Bless his terrified heart … bless him for coming to you … broken … as a trusting child … hopefully, he will be with us in Paradise one day soon … and very soon !!!

  7. Houston pastor is leading them to condemnation. Then what book does he preach from? Shame on him, and we pray for him and his congregation. Lord open their eyes. We r here to rebuke false teaching, and we WILL suffer persecution. Even so come, lord Jesus come.

  8. Thanks for this update! This is my go to listen on my way to work every Monday! I see a number of people quoting the reference to the Houston megachurch pastor but can't seem to find the original quote. Since the inference is that its Joel, can someone provide the actual interview where it is said? Thanks.

  9. Is there no sense of moral values in the liberals/ leftist!? Knowing it was a false alarm they left it so long to cancel ……but thank the Lord there were many who re committed to the Lord…We pray and keep you before the Lord….


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