Suppose The Future Is Right here?– Amir Tsarfati and also Priest J.D. Farag

For even more Olive Tree Ministries Resources go here: Jan Markell’s visitors consist of Amir Tsarfati in Israel and also Priest J.D. Farag, Calvary Church, Kaneohe, Hawaii. Amir and also Priest Farag state that they really feel end-time problems have actually accelerated many thanks to Head of state Trump. Wickedness pressures, consisting of the worldwide elite, rage. Amir really feels 2017 will certainly be a year of calamities and also choices and also all talk about the problems that are accelerating God’s eschatological clock in the middle of a church that is out cold. Amir describes his worry to educate on the Rapture this year. Discover more regarding Amir Tsarfati at and also do not miss out on Farag’s regular revelation updates on YouTube. We utilize the mobile application located at


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  1. The end times is truly clear and right now, evil is at a full out war against the US presidency. Wanting sin to be sold as right instead of wrong, keeping that which is dark, in the dark. Global elitists don't like how things are playing out right now in the US.

  2. Russia is in Syria because they are a long term allies and Russia has one of their only bases outside of Russia. Plus Russia is an invited guest of the sovereign nation of Syria. Question, what is the USA doing in Syria? We are NOT an invited guest, an ally or a friend but an invading force.

  3. JD Farag preaches a false gospel.
    Romans 1 declares that Paul is now ready to preach the gospel.
    Romans 1:15
    So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also.

    Paul spends verse after verse from Romans 1 – Romans 3 proving and declaring that ALL are lost sinners (Romans 3:9). ALL are commanded to shut their mouth because they are guilty (Romans 3:9).

    No talking, no calling upon, no confessing for salvation because you are guilty you are guilty.

    Then Romans 3:21 says BUT NOW and then God provides HIS solution for the lost sinner in Romans 3:24-26:
    24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
    25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;
    26 To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

    BUT JD does not mention the need to believe in the BLOOD of Jesus in his ABC's to get saved and he takes Romans 10 out of context, telling people to call on the Lord for salvation.

    He is leading people to hell with a gospel that is no gospel.

  4. There is a very strange thing that most Christians do not know about Judaism. The prophecy of Messiah's coming is foretold down to the exact year in Daniel Chapter 9. But instead of the rabbis explaining this prophecy to their own people, they curse any of their own who are curious about the prophecy. It is done with full knowledge that the calculation comes out to the time of Christ's first coming to the Jewish people. Therefore, because of this horrific lie that the rabbis have perpetrated on their own people for so long, it is their own leaders that have blinded  them to this day, and they will remain that way forever. Once you  people understand that fact, then you will stop justifying and twisting Romans 9-11 to  say God blinded them for so long, and start admitting the fact that you people are also misled.

  5. Two weeks ago I had a dream where I was trying to fix a broken tap.  I called my husband and when he came in, he was pale and said, 'The earth is at war.'  Then there came such a rumbling, a whooshing of wind and thunder from the heavens.  We dropped to our knees and lifted up our hands and cried, 'He is coming, He is coming.'  I then woke up.  Never had a dream like that before and it was during the last two hours of my sleep time after I had visited the bathroom at 4 am, so it wasn't anything I had watched on the computer or heard before sleep.  It is still with me today.

  6. how about teaching the truth about the 7th day Sabbath..SUNDAY is the first day not the 7th day..look on any calendar.SUNDAY is the first day..God NEVER CHANGED IT MAN DID In 321 a.d. Constantine changed it from Saturday to Sunday because he worshipped the Sun not the son


  7. Jan, 2 phenomenal guests! Thank you for hosting these brothers in Christ. They have a voice which is Biblically accurate and uplifting. We pray you are able to prayerfully find other guests such as these 2 gentlemen.

  8. To see how Israel has grown and flourished out of wasteland and dessert Just as Gods word said , , brings joy to my heart, to me ISRAEL is a light in the darkness of today's World, likened To her Precious Son Jesus, a light unto the Gentiles He made way for ALL to be saved and grafted in to The Tree of HIS FATHERS. LOVE !!!! Many blessings to you both and thank you for this radio broadcast, and Jan, I watch you guys regularly , BLESSINGS. Yvonne (Australia)

  9. If you believe you are a Christian I hope you will watch on u tube JustinPeters & JohnHaller who expose false religious teachers. Please pray for the Trump administration & BEBE of Israel to have great insite into Gods moving at this time. Pray for all those who are so left that Jesus will quicken their hearts to see how they are being used and will miss the rapture. Think of them & their children. Salvation is a free gift John 3:16, no money can buy, no works can earn,totally "GRACE" no jihad necessary. be in peace

  10. The Jews can read the New Testament like anyone else.  And God never blinded them for so long. Their evil Talmud and the rabbis do that satanic work.  So you pastors are not preaching the true gospel to the Jews at all, or even to your flock,  but a bunch of befuddled racist Zionist nonsense that a coming Messiah will save all Jews physically, nationally and spiritually.

  11. Don't discount the radiation contamination of the Pacific Ocean due to Fukushima continual meltdown of the 4 reactors that blew up and the millions of gallons of contaminated water being stored loosely and dangerously there… Look it up…

  12. Donald Trump is the AntiChrist unleashed by the elect! Revelations 12 shows that Jesus is On His Way and how the elect have participated in the Great Deception. Skywatch TV had a 2017 prophetical show with Tom Horn and he says that the San Hedrin thinks Donald Trump is their Messiah! That the Rabbi's want Trump to build the 3rd Temple–an evil apostasy. Also that Trump worships Apollo and the AntiChrist will first destroy the middle eastern countries surrounding Israel and will deceive many Christians and Jews and then go after Israel with Russia. Also, Steve Bannon and Mike Pence are Opus Dei CATHOLICS! That Trumps son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew who he wants to broker peace! Christians do not be deceived! Put on our righteous armour of God and know our precious Savior Jesus is On His Way!

  13. No sorry Jan Markell . The Anti Christ will not come out of the old Roman Empire.There are many scriptures about the Assyrian and it shows that the person that comes out of the Assyrian Empire will be the Anti Christ . Micah 5 says that he will be destroyed by 7 allied nations (Shepherds ) verse 6 They shall waste the land of Assyria .(This in old time also included parts of Turkey ) This is an end time prophecy. Because ,going back to verse 4 and 5 it shows that Christ will also partake in this battle "For now shall He be great unto the ends of the earth "Isaiah 31:4 "….so shall the Lord of Hosts COME DOWN to fight for Mt Zion and for the Hill thereof" verse 8"Then shall the Assyrian fall….."Of course all this shows that the revived Islam Empire will produce the anti Christ .Shalom

  14. I wonder why " Hawaii" disabled comments for the same posting? Interesting and curious thing. I saw recently the "Dooms Day Clock" was set to, I think, 3 minutes to midnight, but I think to more accurate and to sync it with God's cock or Jesus' return, it should be set at about 10 seconds to midnight. After the Rapture, pardon me for using a common expression, but, all Hell will break loose!


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