The U.S.A.’s Function in the Last Days

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and also Dr. John Ankerberg review The U.S.A.’s duty in prediction and also exactly how the nation’s current nuclear contract with Iran plays right into future occasions.

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  1. This guy is not teaching the scripture in it's context at all. I hope people that are listening to this guy continue to read the scripture he is quoting so that they can see how much he's interjecting his own ideas into scripture. This is so incredibly foolish and misleading.

  2. I suggest that you do some homework and discover the identity of the Rus!

    Some Bibles translate: Rosh” as “the chief prince.” There are prophesy buffs who assert that “Rosh” of Ezekiel 38 is Russia. Dr. Charles Ryrie translates Rosh as a proper noun. Hence he writes:“the prince of Rosh’ is better translated as “the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.”

    The NASB translates Ezekiel 38:2 and 39:1 as well as marginal note: “chief prince of Meshech” Yet Meshech and Tubal are NOT linked with a place called Rosh in any other occurrences in the Bible.(Genesis 10:2; I Chron. 1:5, Isa. 66:19;8 Ezekiel 27:13; 32:26).
    The Hebrew lecxicon Brown – Driver –Briggs indicates that there is no identity known for the word “rosh” as a personal name. The word “Rosh” appears nearly 600 times in the Bible and all but once it is translated as meaning: “head, chief, top, best or something similar Dr. Merrill F. Unger, “Linguistic evidence for the equation [of Rosh with Russia] is confessedly only PRESUMPTIVE.”

    Edward Yamamuchi notes that if one were to translate the Hebrew Rosh as a proper name, it can have nothing to do with modern Russia. “This would be a gross anachronism, for the modern name [or Russia] is based upon the name Rus, which was brought into the reign of Kiev, north of the Black Sea, by the Vikings in the Middle Ages.

    Consequently, this would mean that two thousand years after the time of Ezekiel the supposed “Rosh peoples” became the Russians.

    Hitchcock quotes Billington. “Those Rosh people who lived north of the Black Sea in ancient and medieval times were called the Rus / Ros / Rox / Aorsi from very early times. From this mixture with Slavs and with the Varangian Rus in the 9th Century, the Rosh people of the area north of the Black Sea formed the people known today as the

    The Rus did NOT become the Russians until AFTER they intermarried with the Slavic people from the north in the 9th Century – 15 hundred years after Ezekiel penned his prophesy.

    The question one should ask is:Who are the Rus? The Rus existed before the establishment of Russia. They were known by the Greeks as Varangians. The Baltic Sea was known as the Varangian Sea! The Rus were of Scandinavian descent – they were the VIKINGS!

    Their relatives invaded northern Ireland and Scotland. Furthermore, they conquered the northern coast of France intermingling with the Franks becoming known as the Normans – North-men – Norsemen. In 1066 William the Conqueror invaded England and conquered the Angles and Saxons. England was invaded by the Normans – descendants of the Vikings – relatives of the Rus!

  3. The question one should ask is:Who are the Rus? The Rus existed before the establishment of Russia. They were known by the Greeks as Varangians. The Baltic Sea was known as the Varangian Sea! The Rus were of Scandinavian descent – they were the VIKINGS!

    Their relatives invaded northern Ireland and Scotland. Furthermore, they conquered the northern coast of France intermingling with the Franks becoming known as the Normans – North-men – Norsemen. In 1066 William the Conqueror invaded England and conquered the Angles and Saxons. England was invaded by the Normans – descendants of the Vikings – relatives of the Rus!

  4. +John Ankerberg Show may I respectfully ask where you got this information from..??? American or Israel and what year, that might give a clearer perspective but if it was recorded in Feb 2016 maybe you could update it as the is very little factual information about world affairs here or maybe too fare out of date… but it was entertaining. TU

  5. CRIMEA is PUTINS connection to the EU????? what ??? let see what else he doesnt know.
    Well he know nothing about Crimea or Ukraine or he would know that the Russian pipeline goes through Ukraine and Ukraine is paid well for the use of that land…
    Now he thinks Russia is propping up Syria….
    Someting else this man doesnt know…. There was no civil war in Syria, there was a colour revolution orchestrated and instigated by paid USA terrorists.
    WRONG AGAIN… Putin didnt decide to put boots on the ground… Asaad asked for help against the invasion and tyranny of the USA.
    BSHITE… IRan got their technology from USA, USA has already had one Regime Change in the 50s and didnt like that…. I notice so far, he hasnt mentioned the illegal invation of USA or the USA paid, fed, clothed and armed Terrorists murdering civilians in Syria, Christian Syrians… He really sounds like he has swalled the usa propoganda it must be the Russian.
    WHAT… I would like some evidence that Iran has planes over Syria with Russia???
    Still no mention of USA and we
    SORRY but LOL, no wonder USA is delusional… He thinks Russia is PUTIN is major in the middle east as well as in Europe…. what he been soaking in….. certainly not the holy ghost maybe some lolly water??? If he is this worng with world history…which can be checked by anyone, ??? then I doubt he is correct about anything else.

    LOL thank for the laugh, this man is delusional, where has his head been for the past couple of years.
    PUTIN want to be the world leader, and he states the rest of the world leaders are stepping aside???? and letting Putin do carte blanche – whatever he wants to do…. especially in the middle east Putin is going to take advantage of it???? This man is off his face , The world leaders let Putin do nothing, Russia has sanctions on it as well as Syria….

    SO PUTIN is a danger to the middle east yeat during the discussion on the Iran Nucelear deal, all other parties but USA were like wallpaper…???? really, What deal is he referring to???
    And Russian has veto power as have the other countries in the U.N.

    NOW I AM STARTIN TO THINK THIS PERSON IS SERIOUSLY DELUSIONAL THE DEAL was to disable the nuclear in IRAN… so what was NETTY having a hissy fit about, he wanted IRAN to be completly without weapons, when NETTY has an arsonal….. go in the safespace…. what a twat. FACT Iran has never attacked any country or sent missiles into any country ,, yet Israel i guilty of genocide of the palestian people, he has sent fighter planes over Syria, guess this speaker doesnt think ISRAEL is a danger to peace in the middle east… They threaten all the time, and actually murder palestians, but if someones else threaten them if they make a move towards them NETTY cries foul????? DUH

    OH HELP….. why do these two think Europe has risen to a super state power??? under the EU????? are they ??????

    ANYONE BELIEVING THIS MAN is being deceived, If he is so wrong on historical factual information of earth ???? Ukraine was part of the USSR, Russia gave them their automony, Ukraine want to be part of EU NOT EU want Ukraine….. what utter rubbish and false information….. Ukraine had a deal with Russian re the piplelines USA promised them big things, money, a place in EU et etc and Russian not wanting USA on their doorstep made a better deal that would benefit Ukraine more than the fake promises of USA and Ukraine decided to stay with Russian….and USA instigated another colour revolution, and Russia stayed out of it, apart from rescuing the legitmate leader when he called for help, as USA terrorists in Ukraine would have murdered hiim, like they did Hussein & Ghadafi so where is this guy getting his rubbish from.

    EU is a shambles and no where near a super state/power,,, they are down the gurgler and sinking fast.

    WHO is Islamic State??? It is not Syria as they are a secular country and not considered by the rest of the Muslim countries as muslim or islamic… and Iraq is a not a state after USA finished with it…

    The terrosts sometines called ISIS-ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and is an extremist militant group that rules by Wahhabi/Salafi law. In Arabic, the group is also known as Daesh. WHO GAVE those initials those names as Wahhavi/Salafi laws are in Saudi Arabis not in Syria at all, maybe some in Iraq, after USA treatment.

    ISIS also stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Services seeing they with USA, UK, and Turkey fund and keep em armed and stirred up.

    PRAY TELL where is the ISIS training ground in SYRIA – do you mean the illegal occupation of Syria near Iraq and USA/CIA training ground for ISIS??? plenty of videos to prove that.

    ISIS & ISIS not Islamic state both have similar plans to eradicate Christians
    ISIS Isreali Secret Intelligence Service are working on a ware between Christians and NON wa habbi sharia, caliphate muslims… like the seculars in Syria.

    while ISIS is trying to bring division between Christians and Jews….
    TULMUD is not a great book to go by and as too many Richi ZIONIST jews follow the Tulmud instead or the Torah, the Tulmud is just as violent and calls for the eradication of Christians.

    This man is showing himself very ignorant. The only muslims that have a desire for a caliphate are the SAUDIs the Wannabis…..

    I think this man really believes there are so many Christians in USA????

    This man is going to get the shock when he find out he is going to have to go through the tribulation….

    Poor, poor man…

    Many God have mercy on all of us….:(

  6. With respect… Lost me when this man doesnt even know that Crimea is Russian, and the people voted and what that to do with EU,,,, neither Crimea or Russian ???? He obviously doednt know history, as Putin can never be a Tsar and he is not related to the deceased Royal Family, nor would he, He is not like USA taking glory from someone else. Also if he tried the Russian people would turn on him…

    I sense this man has swallowed USA propogand about Russia and hie is not getting message from God, He is giving his interpretation of the Bible and that is fine, as long as he makes that clear…. Blessings

  7. This is such irresponsible propaganda. How can the Anti-christ possibly be anyone but an Israeli? Rational people would realize that the Anti-christ will obviously need to be Jewish, especially if he is claims to be the "Jewish Messiah" that the Jewish people have been waiting for. According to the Scriptures, the Whore of Babylon is not Rome, but is Jerusalem – it's described as the place called "Sodom and Egypt", where the Messiah was killed. Jerusalem is the only possible place that can be described as "killing the prophets", and also "that all the blood of the prophets could be found in her", because God never sent Rome any prophets. Only God's people, Israel and Judaea, were sent the prophets, to get direction from God and to be called to repentance, or warned of upcoming judgement when they disobeyed. This video is perpetuating irresponsible misinformation that is designed to deceive and mislead people in the last days that we live in. Wake up, and stop getting your information from political sources like Israel, and the worldly, Jewish-owned media that are in opposition to God. Read what the Scriptures actually state. Consider why Jewish academics and scholars from Israel, and even the Jewish Encyclopedia claim that 97% of the people migrating to Israel do not have Semitic DNA. They are Europeans from the line of Japheth, not from Shem – they are not genetically from the line of Abraham. The genuine Shemites are the original Middle Eastern peoples that we are persecuting. This is merely just a further continuation of the Crusades, and we are on the wrong side – as usual.

  8. I am a old man and life and Gods word has taught me that , God in most cases goes out side the camp to get his job done. These people who think they have all the answers should be a bit more humble in their conclusions.The problem with Bible teachers is , they may know a lot about the bible but, know nothing about history. To understand Bible prophecy one must understand world history , without which you will be like a dog chasing his tail when it comes to Gods prophetic word.Get your history book and start looking at Edom( Esau ) , Turky ( Ottman Empire) then you will discover who the beast of Daniel and Rev. is. I would also tell you to check into where the House of Israel ( Ten Tribes) went after they were dispersed in 721 B C.Then you might come to know were the U.S. comes in to play at the end of this age if you study that history.


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