Velocity Radio – Peru, NASA Soft Disclosure, ET, and also mail bag!

Velocity Radio – June 27 th,2017
on KGRA!

L. A. Marzulli reviews UFO’s, Peru, NASA Soft Disclosure, ET, and also checks out from the mail bag! #lamarzulli, #PPSREPORT,.


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  1. Im a mason and I traveled to Peru last year and spent a month traveling to ancient sites througout the country. In Kuelap, the original capitol of Chachapoyas, they are in building a gondola up to the site which sits atop a mountain. It marked a new wave of commercial tourism that left me with mixed feelings as many ancient sites in Peru are still rather obscure.

  2. I just received the watchmen and communion CD. Thank you so much the music is absolutely wonderful. And the DVD left me speechless. In this video, you mentioned a few other people that you say are worth listening to but I had trouble spelling and finding them. Is there a way you could jot a few of them down and post them in a comment? Thank you so much for everything you do.

  3. I believe I don't care WHERE oor WHEN THEY COME FROM… THEY do noot have oour best interest in mind & are therefore "demonic" in nature & I rebuke them all!!! I wait for Jesus!!!

  4. one thing is critical to remember. .most of all the info available to joe and Mary average is all orchestrated ..including the responses of this material by the internet…with that said..if u are spending more time chasing dragons wizards and knowledge and adventure..over your study of gods word and kingdom work…they got u…you have been distracted and disabled..procede with caution..for example…if u know more bout darpa,aliens,etc than u do your next store neighbor,chuch,etc..careful.

  5. Yes you are right …many ufo sites go around branding Jaime Maussan a Hoaxter. like Secureteam ..People forget the many good efforts Maussan has done ..and only see him for his few misses…Both of you and him Please Keep Up the Good Work..THANKS You and Maussan.

  6. Mr Marzulli I would like to ask you this, were you not on a program were you were being interviewed by a female at least 15 years ago and the very same Lady that is interviewing you mentioned the very same giant you and Steve Quail were talking about not so long ago. Can you please explain that because l have the video were your hair is still in colour and you are much younger, explain your self or I will post it everywhere. No disrespect but if you use Almighty God as a living then I will expose you, not saying you do but you and Quail have brought this story up like it was a new thing.

  7. I have been a stone mason for 32 years. The person I learned my trade from was from Athens Greece. His family owned the largest construction company there in Athens and he had generations of experience behind him. I can honestly say I was fortunate that I learned from the best. When it comes to your million $$ stone challenge to replicate the
    Nephilim stone work I wouldn't waste my time maybe try it for fun but that's it. The stone
    could not be any larger than a few hundred pounds. Stone that size will not work when trying to achieve the same polygonal locking system they used. Copper chisels are just too soft for that stone. So now the stone is too small and the chisels are too soft where would you like to begin?

  8. I never tire of listening to you LA sir. You have a way about you which is very forthright and engaging. Great to see your youtube subscribers numbers increasing as more people waking up. All the best mate.

  9. Love you, L.A.! I've been following you for ten years, ever since reading your book PPS. You never disappoint. The Lord says it's time to get involved, and I want to help by donating what I can. Do I just need to go to your site?


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