Dr. Lou UFO Update for PPS Record

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96.000 UFO discoveries in the initial 6 months of2017 UFOs are actual, expanding as well as NOT disappearing! L. A. Marzulli meetings PPS Information, Dr. Lou for the current UFO records!


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  1. Really !!!!! your taken down comments now. !!!! so I state it again … being trained in F.A.C.T. as you and so many others are. I have to call Bravo Sierra on this on one . 85% of all human communication is non verbal all the signs are there and a few more if you know what to look for and where. Look closely my friends test all things that you may not be deceived. They seam like nice enough people that said look closely at all things our time is short and growing shorter everyday. Shalom and be ready our kings is on his horse !

  2. UFO's = no mystery. Only two options….1. Demonic entities (that can be stopped during abductions by using the name of Jesus Christ….(documented by MUFON)  or 2. Technology that man has, not us general peasants, but that the Elite have kept secret for a very long time. I find it a complete joke that we are still using petrol and oil driven engines with pistons, invented around 1900.

  3. You will NEVER see a dead sasquatch!  No, because they are demonic entities that can come in from another dimension. 'Sasquatch Ontario' tried communicating with these things, and found that lo and behold, they could even take pictures on HIS Camera while it was sitting on the dining room table (of the batch near where he camped), without appearing. Of course SO won't believe what they really are, coz they talk to him, on the IN BREATH! (inhalation) which distorts their voice in an awful way. (Rather than how we talk on the out-breath or exhalation).

  4. LA can you please check out the yt channel Fantastic Daily? This man has had many experiences with BEK and should be interviewed or debunked. He is catching extraordinary video "evidence" of black eyed kids and claims to now have an infestation. He seems to never know what to do and never takes good advice. I think he's a fraud, but experts like you I trust.

  5. LA…your thoughts on possible orgin of BF…..Have you seen any research possibly connecting them to Nimrod….the sign of Nimrod is an "X" and it so happens that this is what is asociated with BF in many reports…

  6. Just curious as to whether there might be a correlation between increased UFO sightings and a nation's deepening depravity. The author of Angels on Assignment Again reports an increase in angelic activity. I would hazard to guess that if there is increased spirit activity on one side, there will be an increase on the other side.

  7. I agree with you, L.A., that Sasquatch are Nephalim. Genesis 6:12 says that ALL flesh were corrupted, which would account for many of the strange hybrid man-creatures like Sasquatch, Dogman, Mothman and other variations. The fallen angels wanted to corrupt all of God's creation to prevent Jesus from coming to save us, and to insult our God and Father.

  8. I am one of those from florida  that has seen numerous sightings and never said anything………and most of those have been up close and personal……I find it all fascinating and reminds me that Yeshua is coming soon…..

  9. LA ..Have you ever listen to David Paulides Missing 411 Interviews… Especially the one in his Missing Hunters 411 book.. They describe a UFO light then an ex of Pedator type in trees. My point is that doctor Lou points out the large number of UFO sightings in National Parks .David Paulides points out huge unexplained missing people that disappear .. just gone! And the cover-up of info.. If you ever get the chance please I interview him. He mentions that a good portion of people missing are of German Decent .. I think the UFO and Missing 411 are connected ..anyways Thanks

  10. Satan knows his day is at hand.''' The battle is getting prepared for the devil and his angels to fight against our God.
    Amen' The war in heaven is getting set in place.''''
    Get ready people of God to take a flight out of here.'''''
    I feel it in my spirit very strong.'''''
    God bless '''
    Love and peace and our Lord Jesus Christ grace be with you''

  11. I seen them here in this valley, but they were commanded not to continue here. Every once in awhile I catch one trying to skirt the corner of the valley tempting me to anger. I don't play, I stand on the blood of Christ. These creatures are nothing to play with or try to control. King solomon did that .

  12. I like you LA but religion has turned people loopy my friend.The whole world is going to HELL in a handcart & IT IS BECAUSE OF RELIGION!! Its really sad. Imagine a world without people killing each other in the name of God. This is no mistake. Religion has been engineered to keep us in bondage & to keep us killing our fellow brothers & sisters! I realize it brings people peace of mind but the pay off just aint worth it! I despise religion & the way people fall for the con! I despise the fact that the church has more money than all the drug cartels in the world but they still keep asking for more!! They could end Africa's debt in 2 seconds flat but they DO NOT! Does God need to pay off credit card bills? I despise the fact the Vatican is FULL of PAEDOPHILES & CHILD ABUSE & child killers! These so called people say they work for God but are more like SATANISTS!! The Vatican helped or orchestrated the escape of all the top Nazis at the end of world war 2 along with the US & Russian governments. RELIGION & ALL ITS BULLSHIT IS TEARING THIS WORLD APART!! RELIGION WILL BE THIS WORLDS DOWNFALL!! EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN & I SEE NO EVIDENCE THAT SO CALLED GOD IS GOING TO PUT A STOP TO ALL THIS SHIT ANYTIME SOON!! Call me a cynic but I'm all out of hope LA! Stay safe anyway lad. Sorry for the rant.

  13. I would like to know if these sightings are only crafts because the plans for making these saucers and other cigar shaped ships have been given out to several countries. The Nazis made several saucers so these crafts could be made by the USA, Russia, France, etc. and not filled with aliens from another dimension or planet. If people are supposedly seeing a sasquatch I am very doubtful about those sightings.

  14. Are satellites visible in the daytime sky? I saw something that looked like light reflecting off metal at a very high altitude moving fairly slowly but appeared to be getting closer. Before getting directly overhead I could make out a non-geometric shape larger in the back, smaller in the front, with something which looked like piping or extensions on one side. After passing directly overhead I didn't see it anymore. I was thinking it was a satellite. It was about 1PM in the afternoon on a very clear day, but I'm not sure if they're visible to the naked eye. Hopefully someone that knows about satellites can respond.

  15. L.A is the Earth a spinning Ball A GLOBE are does the Bible the truth and scripture describes the Earth stationary and flat with a firmmament , You are a pastor of a church could you help me with the truth

  16. where do people report sightings? I saw one with my husband last year, a fire ball buzzing around. this spring I saw one that looked like a saucer that was sliver and gold. both disappeard into nowhere!

  17. Many eye witnesses say there was 4 creatures 2 dead, 1 wounded and 1 alive from the most talked about area and they say they had 4 fingers this is the first person to say it was 4 fingers not 6. We're hearing it from this lady's mouth not the colonials. This to me is advertisement and the books and movies is another conspiracy in itself. Why? Is this to make money off of the religious people?

  18. You're furthering a psyop… unintentionally perhaps? I do hope so. UFOs are real, yes, but they do not come from the stars. They are all man-made craft, and the narrative that they are piloted by alien beings is a false one that is part of a psychological operation that spans decades.

  19. I do not believe there's anything supernatural at all. they more likely are driven out of hiding by me stopping cern and mk ultra. I pulled their secret store of Angels out and have been healing them. the sciences were not new. Atlantis went under for them. they were hiding and eating people. they're just old demons that had fooled a lot of proole. people believed demons were dead. nope. demons use the dead.

  20. Stan – just watched that Stan Romanek Netflix Docu film. The way he seems to be manipulating HIGH STRANGENESS – in an interview vid I just watched also, is he demonized – or no?

    This is really eye opening to me (tho they've been open quite sometime) as to what We believers in Jesus Christ are about to face when these THINGS begin to broadly SHOW THEMSELVES. I'm trying VERY HARD to avoid fear porn here!

    Thanks LA I'm so glad The Lord has raised up believing watchers to explain – warn and help DELIVER people from the snares of the dragon. God bless and keep you.

  21. I hope that all you're followers understand that these entities like "aliens" are not from another planet. They are demons manifesting including the "crafts" are inter-dementional and not from another planet. The fallen are tricking many including the elect. God bless


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