Discovering Burial Places Of Paracas Elongated Skulls With L. A. Marzulli

Join us as we check out the fascinating background of individuals with Elongated Skulls in Peru in August2017 Complete information right here:


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  1. …Mr Foerster…one of your videos has a spanish speaking guide talking about lights appearing on a mountain or temple…
    …*….sorry…been searching through your vids and can't find the exact one, but…
    …the lights flashing made me think of the giant crystal cave in naica mexico because when you rub crystals together they produce light….
    …so was thinking that maybe under that mountain or temple, the cause of the flashing lights might be due to underground crystals rubbing together…Triboluminescence…
    …example for crystals sliding or banging against each other…..earthquake tremors…

  2. By looking at the different skulls it looks like they lost the elongated skulls over time because they had to breed with normal humans to stop inbreeding. One has to wonder if that's why the royals started doing the cradle boarding in the first place, to keep the shape of the skull.

  3. ok this is great. But what now? we ask who where they? people can read the walls. is there no way of contacting them. have you called a medium in voodoo or Santeria religion to see if they can communicate with that dead spirit? worth a try.


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