Complete Disclosure, The Coming Deceptiveness Alien Abductions w LA Marzulli Anthony Spot


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  1. Anthony, La, you are doing to good of a job, look at all the moles popping up out of they're holes, I bet it gets pretty frustrating playing, whack the mole! All the time, do you ever get a break?, oh well, at least you warned them, Ezekiel 33:6

  2. How is it a game changer people? We already KNOW. Why do we need the government to confirm it? It's like wanting confirmation that your standing on earth! You people need to change your thought process instead of waiting around for someone to tell you the ET races are real, OPEN YOUR EYES! Yes it's real we already know. What we don't know is why their here, what do they want, are they friendly, etc!

  3. LMAO, this dude knows nothing about ETs and IDs. ETs AND IDs don't care about what religion or none religion humans have. GEEEEZ! THis has NOTHING to do with religion. There's plenty of "abductions" in Europe. America is not special. Give it up! Silly man.

  4. Anthony & LA- as you already know there is a reason why your efforts are gaining traction and thusly momentum. Bare faced it's the truth, were it not it would wither and die on the vine. one could point to preachers like olsteen & hinn and proclaim their financial wealth as an indication of their 'truth' and having the blessings of the Most High, instead I think the fallen one has to feed his pet monkeys if he wants then to perform as ordered. teachers & prophets are known by their fruits, whereas neither of you have ever proclaimed yourselves to be prophets, you both are most assuredly teachers, "My people perish for the lack of knowledge", therein you help to fill the breach. both of you keep watching, keep standing your respective posts, herald what you see & discern! it's not falling on deaf ears, but when wakes the muddled thoughts of the sleeper, it takes time, patience & repetition! May the Creator's blessings be upon your respective ministries & efforts on His behalf, and the vigilance & protection of His servants not wain as they ward over yourselves and loved ones.

  5. Who does Jesus know, if you don't that you have ZERO business speaking about
    the bible…Who is the bible written too? Do you know, obviously you do not or you
    would know whether Jesus knows you or not..Amos 3:2, God said of all the families
    upon the earth he only knows one of them, this is why Christ will tell the others I
    DO NOT KNOW YOU…Are you a member of that family? I could tell you but I won't…
    You hung on every word of people like Missler, did Christ tell you to do that, Nope,
    He said STUDY the scriptures, i'e YOURSELF, He would have led you to the truth,
    instead you followed man and now you are completely lost…Here is a hint, you are
    not going ANYWHERE, You have the wrong Israel and pretty much everything you
    believe about the bible is all false~


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