Lengthy Neck Mommy Discovered in Peru

In an unrevealed place we found a Secret Mommy!!! Wait up until you see it! This is the very first in-tact mommy with a lengthened head we have actually seen.


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  1. ATENCION!!!! ATENCION!!!!! Éste tipo, lo unico que quiere es hacer dinero facilmente, con la ingenuidad de la gente y con aquellos que si han vivido experiencias con otros seres. Este tipo es un charlatan, porque la primera ley entre los que buscamos a sacar a luz la Verdad, es compartir todo gratuitamente. Nosotros no vendemos ni libritos, ni recetas magicas, solo exponemos hechos y pruebas para que el resto de la humanidad sepa que no estamos solos. Hay que denunciar los charlatanes, los aprovechadores sin escrupulos como éste tipo.

  2. L.A., this mummy is truly unbelievable. The size and shape of the head and the way the spine connects to the skull is truly bizarre! And those extra long fingers. I'm just trying to figure out if those are the mummy's knee caps that are sticking up. If so, they don't look normal to me! I'm hoping and praying that you will soon find another mummy like this (or even stranger) that you can have complete access to! Until then, God bless you and your team as you continue your work to get to the truth!

  3. I personally see UFOs as a waste of time when compared to the fossil evidence. Evidence that can actually be tested. That being said the finding presented in this video could be the smoking gun. Great work.

  4. So many great things you bring us!! Thank you L.A. and Brien for going where we can't and ferreting out these "hidden ones". Warning a world with a great lack of trust and faith is hard. Open eyes is a marvelous thing!!!! God bless you in your travels.

  5. LA, it looks like a bog mummy to me. In pre-Christian Europe, one form of murder (either an execution, or a human sacrifice) would be by tying them up and plunging them into a bog. The victims would suffocate/drown in the bog. And then the bog itself would preserve their body for eons. Bog mummies are almost always amazingly intact.

  6. So we know there was Giants i'm completely sold.However what about Dinosaurs? It's still a mystery nobody can answer it.This is a gap left that needs to be fulfilled to prove bible is accurate.

  7. A long neck in mammals like the Giraffe have the same number of vertebrae has a human 7. Long and flexible with just 7 bones. More and more just keeps coming to light. Can't wait to see the next thing.


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