PPS RECORD January 25 th, 2018 – The DEEP STATE

PPS RECORD January 25 th, 2018 UFOs, DNA Outcomes! as well as a lot even more.
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“This stuff really WORKS!” L.A.


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  1. L.A., you are very well informed when it comes to cryptozoology, giants, and adulterated world history and science, but when it comes to our own government today, right now, you are seriously behind the eight ball. This stuff has been going on for years and is way worse than you think. Of course it goes back to JFK, that's a no brainer. A few things more, there is no "deep state", it's just the state, that's the way it is. No one is trying to kill Trump, Hillary was not supposed to be elected and she is not going to jail, none of them are. Trump won the election as planned so people that are "awke" would start watching television and paying attention to the main stream news again, and it worked like a charm with a whole lot of those who think they're awake. There are no hero politicians that will save this country or any that are even interested in saving it. As Christians we are on our own. The sooner you accept that the better off you will be. If you are believing anything you see on the main stream media, you're not awake.

  2. How old is this video, Marzullli? You keep referring to President Elect Trump. That was last year. Are you just confused or is this really happening now? I, for one, am not going to jump in up- in- arms over this without being sure it is actually an issue. Is someone changing the content of your videos? I also show that this video is only 3 hours old! Please update me on the status of this. Thank you.

  3. Mr. Marzulli I applaud you sir. I have been a Christian most of my life and I always knew there were answers out there to some of my deepest questions. Thanks and God bless you for what you do and I hope someday I can really support your work.

  4. Except the citizenry didn't elect Trump – the Electoral College did. Which is the main reason the "Russia hacked our election" nonsense irritated me so much, because at the end of the election, Clinton technically had a very slight majority on the popular vote (if you believe what the media said at the time). But people were still PISSED that the electoral college voted Trump. That story quickly got buried though, replaced by the Russia narrative.

    We do not elect our presidents. They are selected- probably by the deep state. That is why we should not completely trust anyone in that office.

    Just my two cents. Thanks L.A. for all your hard work. God bless!

  5. Not one of you know or exhibit the love of Jesus. You people are in such big trouble, when you stand before Jesus shortly it will be horrific.
    LA…. once upon a time you used to love Jesus…. now I doubt your intentions and motives. There will be a rapture and you people won’t make it. You will suffer and be refined in the world you are creating and subjecting everyone else too.

  6. Yes it is treasonous what the FBI has done. I speak as a retired Lieutenant Commander this time. How is all this stuff getting a past so many Americans?

    Yes… term limits are the key.

    I’m from San Francisco originally… born there… look at how much Dianne Feinstein’s personal wealth has increased since she’s became part of the senate.

    Evidentially professional politics pays well.

  7. I'm just not buying into this "Trump vs. the Deep State" narrative anymore. As much as I like Trump and want it to be true, I think the evidence says that Trump is a deep state controlled distraction. We fall for this endlessly.



  8. The truth will always cause the accused to lash out and curse and swear,the lies that our government tells because they say we need protecting from the truth,that we cant handle it,that has got to end.If I park in a noparking zone I get a ticket,that I have to pay,but people in government sell drugs and nothing happens to anyone in charge and covering up all the facts from us. IMO I agree, Kennedy was offed by Bush.When a govt. agency kills a sitting Pres. that a big problem for everyone, we see wrong being done in Washington and no one is charged.


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