PPS Record – Otto Warmbier!

PPS Record – Otto Warmbier …


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  1. The left has let it all out. They by far outrank the conservatives for use of the F word. They believe that because they control the educational system and the media that the majority of the population is like them – or will be soon – so they are unashamed to speak uncontrolled filth. Their language is just plain depraved as are their desires for this country. They hate western civilization because it was founded upon Christian values. If you ever read the posts of fundamentalist Muslims online you will see that they also love the F word. It is amazing. These fundamentalist Muslims have great zeal for their prophet and will claim to be so religious and yet their vocabulary is in the sewer. They claim zeal for God as they promise to slit the throats of anyone who opposes them. The leftists of the west and the fundamentalist Muslims have much in common. I guess this is why the fundamentalist Muslims of the middle east joined with the fascists of Germany for two world wars. Both ideologies want the destruction of western civilization and do not mind joining together to accomplish that feat.
    The colleges and universities of the United States of America are now the base of the leftist movement. It is no longer just the Ivy League schools that are far left. After the supremely far left court decisions of the late 60's and early 70's that decided that Christianity was illegal in U.S. public schools, despite a 200 year precedent of Christian BASED education, the doors were opened for the far left elitist academics of the Ivy League to rewrite curriculum, rewrite textbooks, and rewrite history itself. They not only rid the educational system of Christianity but of all morality, all ethics, and every bit of the sound foundation of education techniques that was once a part of American public education. During the 1960's U.S. public schools were ranked 2nd in the world for quality education. Today they are ranked 35th behind some third world counties. The United States of America has been enduring a deconstruction campaign ever since the 60's when the radicals of the Ivy League schools began destroying our society in earnest. People better wake up to the fact that both political parties are responsible for this.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with this young man's family. Familiar as we are with the ways of our country, who would dream that the simple thing he did would end up with a sentence of 15 years of hard labor? However, in his case, his sentence turned out to be death. Instead of people seeing this for what it is….a clear, ringing testimony that we do NOT want this kind of regime ever in this country, they denounce the young man and in effect, his family as well. To suggest he was naive and arrogant and that's what got him killed in this way is repugnant behavior. The phrase "useful idiots" comes to mind regarding these statements from the left. Talk about naive! Go look in the mirror!

  3. Biblical Greek has four words for love. We've all seen three of them: Eros, Phileo, and Agape. Where does the fourth one appear in the Bible? Only in its negative form, "Astorge". The closest English equivalent is "no-love-for-your-own-family".

    2 Tim 3 contains it (seen here in ALL CAPS): "in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away."

    We're in the Age of Astorge. Mothers-to-be kill their own babies, children throw away their ageing parents, and spouses divorce the moment they decide they're bored with their lives.

    Lord, come quickly.

  4. Brutalized for shoplifting, beaten almost dead for a minor charge. Who's out of bounds here when it comes to offenses. Maybe in North Korea they kill shoplifters and sentence drivers who don't stop at red lights with a 20 years hard labor. So who's out of touch here? This young man stepped of the bus into alligator's den. No mercy issues from those whom no mercy is due.

  5. First off my prayers go to Otto's family. I could not fathom what such an ordeal would be like…nor would I attempt to imagine. We all know N Korea is a brutal GODless regime and to the best of my knowledge was on a travel ban for Americans, however, the State Department only strongly advises against travel to the heathen run country. I was stationed in S. Korea for a year… I have heard stories by people who have escaped N. Korea… and by the S. Koreans. N. Korea is as close to hell as you would want to get. My question is why was American college student Otto Warmbier in N. Korea…well he was with a tour group. He was on the deans list and eventually the Salutatorian of his graduating class. So why would a well educated individual do something so crazy as to steal a propaganda poster? Supposedly on a dare of sorts… He would have received 10k if he succeeded and his family 200K if he was detained. I just do not understand why people would want to visit N. Korea for any reason.

  6. Ummm hey "professor" what about the illegals that come to the U.S. and MURDER our citizens??!!! The guy took a damn sign, for "f'n sakes!" ????????????????. Glad she's gone from the university and hope she doesn't get hired any where else.

  7. take it at face value: waterboarding is child's play, one 'symptom' mentioned in various news feeds was "cerebral edema", look it up on google Web MD, etc. one nasty trick that will induce cerebral edema is to hang a person upside down for 15-20min (you literally drown in your own blood from the inside-out), there is no need to beat someone, in essence no 'telltale' marks, loss of consciousness in 20-25 min, cardio-pulmonary arrest in 30+, 1 caveat you can only use it x # of times before cerebral edema is fatal & here's the gotcha there is not an ideal athletically perfected body alive today that can beat it, we've been using it for decades in SOC. My hope & prayer is the young man's soul is welcomed by the Creator, & that his family finds peace & solace in the Father's vengence.

  8. no American should be going to North Korea! The problem is the Liberals like warmbier are ignorant of what happens when you get to a dictatorship country Who hates white American males! I don't agree with the professor in her statement totally but I do agree that Americans should not be in North Korea!

  9. Anybody who saw Otto at his sentencing knows he would not be the type of person who would last long in a North Korean prison without breaking. And his brain injury is consistent with the type of brain injury you would get from a botched suicide attempt by hanging. Pretty sure the family knows this was the most likely cause of his brain injury too, as no Autopsy was performed.

  10. You bring up a very good point, cursing…… cursing is so disgusting and vile and I used to be that person, just thinking about it makes me so ashamed. I prayed and asked God to help stop and he answered my prayer for he is the Good Lord, now every curse word I hear it's so obvious where I never noticed other people cursing before. Just something I thought I'd share in hopes that others who struggle with the same issue find hope in prayer. Ask and you shall receive……. may Otto Rest In Peace with the Lord and do justice for his family.

  11. I absolutely agree L.A. It boggles my mind the coldness, and ruthlessness I see all across the world. It's never been this bad in my entire lifetime. These stories break my heart. And they are going on all over the world. People being abused, tortured, and mistreated. It was prophesied to be like this in the last days. When I learned of that prophesy years ago, I never thought for a moment it would be in my lifetime. But here we are. And this is on such a global scale, happening to children, adults, animals and on and on and on. It's horrifying. Writing corrupt congress people isn't helping. Protesting on the streets isn't helping when they pass laws prohibiting protesting. Or, they just go bash a few heads in to disperse the protests. Our only hope is our reigning King, and His Father. They are our only hope in a world where evil is leading. Bless you for all you do!