Roger Williams Meeting – Broken Exists

L. A. Marzulli meetings Roger Williams concerning his ground damaging publication, Broken Exists! If after viewing the meeting you have an interest in reviewing it, I very advise it, please most likely to as well as get a duplicate!


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  1. The most profound truths usually have simple premises. One of these truths I learned from psychological counseling I had years ago which basically is stated as this: Your actions are a product of your thoughts. Your thoughts are a product of your beliefs. Your beliefs,can be negative/positive, subconscious/conscious. If one becomes aware of negative/false beliefs and replaces them with positive/truthful beliefs, your thoughts and actions will naturally change for the better.

  2. L. A. M. I tried to email you but it wouldn't send. I tried to send an email via text, but I don't even know if you got it. I would really like to get ahold of you. My brother and I saw something together that our mom witnessed as well. two times right above my car (like 10 feet). I will try to email you again. or I will keep trying to get ahold of you. Thank you for your work.

  3. Having not read the book I feel dubious about recalling who I was outside of Christ, but rather am more concerned with discovering who I am in Him. When I think upon the sorry soul I once was I 'tend' towards becoming that man, and all his hang-ups rise like spectres returning from the dead to torment me once again, but when I think upon who I am in Him…

    Romans 8:37
    Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

    …and His promises…

    1 Corinthians 2:9
    But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

    I find the strength to soldier on that I might attain the prize promised.

    Again, having not read the book I am in no way judging it… and to boot I am an Englishman! 🙂

  4. When we get to a point where we ask ourselves, "Well, I'm feeling in such and such a way – Why, what is this about?" We look at our feelings and sometimes that is enough to start healing and being rid of them. Other times, this Looking at the issue, is the start of asking Yahshua to help us and deliver us from this feeling, or way of living, or lie about ourselves. I have been overcoming, (HE is delivering me), many issues in my life by this acknowledging of a problem and facing it straight on. (Hope that helps someone.)

  5. The biggest lie of them all is believing it's impossible to do and keep His Law, the Law of Moses, the Ten Commandments, which is the Law of Righteousness, which the 501 church has forsaken, teaching for doctrines that come of men who make His testimony (life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension) to be His Gospel, which it is not. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is that we do and keep His Law, which He made possible for us to do via His testimony, which upon hearing, should move the sinner's heart to works of repentance, with godly sorrow, not to be repented of, which is grace. Grace = godly sorrow via His testimony, which is how we are saved (Eph. 2:8-10).

  6. Bless you Roger! Thank you L.A. — this is transforming stuff. This lying propaganda "CULTure" we all live in is just a huge web of deception and false lies we come to believe as true. The Great Deception of our lives is about to reveal itself. The elites/Illuminati/Satan can only run so fast. Jesus, Lord, He is King. We are conscious. Yet God used this amazing man, as a way to show him what his subconscious was thinking and "wake" him up. Just what I needed to hear, as it pertains to many, if not most of us, at some point in our lives. It did me. We begin to believe our lies. The devil lives in our lies and loves our lies; he tangles us up in them. Deceipt and lies have lived within me for years. We are worthy 🙂 I feel it's time to spirituality prepare now guys. I'm using this time to do so. Spiritual preparation is key. There is a war on Christianity and Jesus in society today. This really Helped. Thank you L.A. Keep up the good work and interviews. You are such a blessing in my own life. God bless you both!

  7. The problem is people are not taught how to take all thoughts captive to Christ. Many of us do not realize many of our thoughts are not our own Thoughts come from God, Satan or Self. Many times it is not obvious where these thoughts come from and it becomes part of us as Roger Williams says "This is who I am" when in reality it is just a lie we believed most of our lives. The best help I got was from reading Neil Anderson's Book Bondage Breaker. Neil Anderson can also be found on YouTube where it is Part 1 to Part 8 (or 9). What is being spoken here is absolutely correct and I battled the "Battle of the Mind" for the past 3 years. It is not easy to change habits or to be conscience of where these thoughts come from, but it is worth studying and learning to control the thoughts to determine where they came from. If the "thought" from Satan is stopped in the mind then that battle is won.

  8. LA Marzzula with all do respect I ask you !
    Truth why is the. globe of Earth right out in front ! !
    The mother of all Lies spinning ball Earth !

  9. One Lord, one faith, one baptism"" Every man shall be accountable for himself before God. Every man shall work his own salvation out with the Lord with much fear and trembling. I noticed you said this book is for all faiths? Brother I don't know who you are, but as a pastor you must know who you stand for?
    You shouldn't except that there are many faiths! There's only one, that is the truth, which is Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and today, and for ever.''' The one and only gospel of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ. The KJV bible I believe is the pure word of God. Amen'
    Stand firm! Be ye stedfast on the faith, unmovable be not carried about with strange doctrines, because there are millions out there. God bless you''''

  10. This is a very good thing how the Lord showed me things that was a lie. Be sure your sins find you out? This is the word that God brought to me as he showed me my lies. Satan is a very powerful entity, and sometimes these lies can come through other people, God showed me not to get entangled in other people affairs. Just like the two voices that speak to your mind? Yes this is how Satan can deceive us, but then again, if your a chosen vessel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost reveals all lies that can be and could deceive us into believing a lie. I truly thank our Lord Jesus Christ for his Spirit, the Holy Ghost which reveals all things to me.''
    Thank you Father, in Jesus name,

  11. Amazing!! Now this sounds like a great book! Our eyes being open is greatest thing that can ever happen to us. I had to step out of the church for that for me to change and really study the Bible. Jesus delivers us from evil! He frees us. And takes our load. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! God bless you both!

  12. The Lord is using a group called LieBusters to help people identify and break free of the lies of the enemy. What a LieBuster does is prays with the person, and helps them to focus on Jesus, so they can better hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. The LieBuster is not permitted to ask about the person's background, past traumas, or what they need deliverace from. The reason why they aren't allowed to do those things, is that they are NOT counsolers. The Lord Jesus is the one who does the heavy lifting, not the person facilitating the LieBust. Only He truely knows the situation. I've experince three of these LieBusts, and given LieBusts to others, it is the real-deal. The Lord himself shows up and sets the captives free. It is amazing!

  13. "Never Good Enough," by Carol Cannon is a book I read years ago and what this man is saying is the lies are so strong, but we have been lied to long enough that we believe them.  Carol Cannon also talks about these things.  We need more books to help unshackle people.

  14. Good sharing Roger and LA.
     3 Although we live in the world, we don’t fight our battles with human methods. 4 Our weapons that we fight with aren’t human, but instead they are powered by God for the destruction of fortresses. They destroy arguments, 5 and every defense that is raised up to oppose the knowledge of God. They capture every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

  15. I can see where this man was coming from,totally get it. Makes me appreciate ,more and more the love I had from my Dad and Mom. I also had one very dear Grandmother. I cherish that love and carry their advice with me daily,along with a Loving Heavenly Father,and brother Jesus Christ. I try to give all I am and all I know to all I can touch. Spiritual touch is deep but physical tender touch is carried to the heart and soul. Thank you L.A. for all you've shown me. I continue to Watch and wait on the Lord.

  16. To Mr. Marzulli…
    I have your book entitled; "On The Trail Of The Nephilim". I've read it twice over
    and recommend it highly. I've been a student of yours, and Steve Quayle's, studies
    for the past several years now, finding it all fascinating. I've tried sharing the
    information with co-workers "and" church members, but they look at me as
    though I'm insane. Go figure. Anyway, thank you for your research in opening
    history that was closed to us all. Keep up the great work, and Godspeed.

  17. Now I see why my English husband didn't need touch. His Mom was very mentally ill and his dad died in the war in 1945. Even when he was dieing he didn't want touch or have people around to watch him die. He also did everything he could to sabotage himself. Wow.

  18. I realized for myself that the mind is functioning normally. it's the situation that has the problems.
    sitting in The Lords presence is impossible for any person to bear. it's because we are so small and He is so much. He is our Father and He is accomplished and Grand and beautiful mire than our eyed can bear. as much as fire can burn the beautiful can be too much to bear. we need that difference. we are not His equal because we haven't lived long enough. it's ok. it's not a judgment. We need to know some of that or we don't grow right. we are growing to His size. Our ascended ate who we could see. a they are big enough to talk to the Lord or Mother and teach us about it . they are the flesh and blood Gods.
    our birth parents mom and dad are our first Gods. we grow into being the Lord or the Mother. it takes 26 ascensions to be grown and born outside the egg.


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