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The Deep State! August 7th, 2017 L. A. points out Michael Savage as being proper when Savage broach a civil battle emerging if the Deep State, The Darkness federal government, does away with our head of state.


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  1. He is waiting to come back. He is still running part of the Govt just around the block from the WH. When he is taken out he will step back in. In order for this to work the Back Govt still has to operate which it is.

  2. Rise up peacefully? My dear brother in Christ, LA. We are well past anything peacefully. Thomas Jefferson once stated that the "Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of tyrant's and patriot's. I am duly ready to shed the blood of tyrant's!!!!!!!

  3. They are trying to drive a wedge between patriots and liberals, so liberals wont see the truth and resist their programming, they appealed to patriots with Trump, now they will take away Trump, and attempt to start a war, bc so far their attempts to get conservatives to start shooting hasnt worked. If that fails, they may just let America be destroyed sobtheres less resistance for the globalist socialist takeover, personally, Ill be surprised if theres ever another election in our country, I feel like something bad is coming, and it seems war with north korea, china, and russia may be just that thing

  4. I agree with everything you said L.A.   Bush Sr. was the head of the CIA at the time.  I was in 7th grade math class. My teacher cried and school let out early.  For the love of God, your family and your country please continue to pray for POTUS and his success. We have been given the gift of one last chance to get right with the Lord Almighty and clean this country of its abominations…

  5. The problem is we lay down for poison in our food and water, spraying the skies,
    technology repression, open bribery of our politicians, millions locked up for victimless crimes, sexualization of our children, endless wars on countries who did nothing to us, subversion of our currency, government stealing private property, taxation without representation, etc, etc.

  6. I think they (the deep state) is going to get what they want and that is a civil war sent by God almighty. If Trump is a real God fearing Christion and the Rapture takes place (Rev 12) then Pence and Trump are out of here. If this were to happen it would be chaos for this country. Little Kim may even launch a nuke if he sees the country in turmoil. The deep state is responsible for the FEMA camps they were built in hopes they could get a war going in this country. God is warning us and showing us our division in this country through the eclipse. The reason the deep state wants a civil war is to set up something resembling the Crown of England and American people become Serfs.

  7. I agree, the deep state needs to be eliminated. Everyone from the George H. W. Bush's days till now are damaged goods. They have all got to go!! People need to understand something, this shadow government has been built, run, and fine tuned off of lies, and manipulation of the masses to trust them. Problem is too many do trust them, and they are set to stab all of blind and deaf to their manipulation in the back. They openly tell everyone exactly what they are going to do!

  8. LA makes the statement "we pay the highest income tax" not true. Denmark pays 70% and is reported to be the 2nd happiest nation in the world. I'm visiting there this fall for a wedding adding a new side of the family. This information is what they have told me.

  9. I love when you cover politics LA. You really have a nack for political commentary.

    You're not alone in your frustration brother. If anything, this election really showed me the devil's grip on this world. Anything and anyone of any significance(to the world) is seemingly out to get Trump. Just affirms to me that Abba heard our prayers.