Timothy Alberino with L.A. Marzulli at Ollantaytambo, Peru

Timothy Alberino as well as L.A. Marzulli record from the unbelievable cyclopean wall surfaces at Ollantaytambo in the Cusco area of Peru throughout real Legends Exploration & Workshop.


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  1. We have a long way to go before we catch up to the knowledge and sophistication of the world that existed before the Flood. This is an excellent example. Been studying this part of history for 35 years. By the way, I believe the Bible's timetable, which would make these walls no older than about 5,700 years.

  2. Tim Alberino I am trying my best buy and stream the true legend series with no luck what's up? Trying to stream it through vimeo but it's not happening. Don't want the DVD I just want to stream it. Wish I could get it through Steve Quayle website and yours but it won't let me stream it.

  3. I just saw that your old channel got ban.. WTF.. so I'm guessing that the owners of youtube are now part of ( Them) .. Thx God they let you move your stuff over to Gensix… Just means your doing something right. Keep up the good work. Big Fan… that said Id love to no the real reason they gave you for Why.

  4. To Tim Alberino or Steve Quail;
    It seems apparent to me from studying pictures and Gen 6 explanations of the construction at Saqsawamen; That there are three distinctly different constructions:
    1. The preflood huge monolithic of very advanced technology by huge giants.
    2. The postflood smaller but still very large stones, with lesser stone fitting technology but still better that humans ability, apparently done by smaller giants with a little less technology that the preflood giants.
    3. The upper construction of the human Inca's which is impressive but not unlike many constructions seen around the world since the time of Jesus.
    My question: What is the reason for the post flood giants to be smaller and of less technology than the preflood giants?????

  5. I have a personal theory. It could be wrong but I think before the flood the atmosphere, and the molecular cohesion of materials were very different. That's why human bodies could live hundreds of years before they even started having children. The very compounds that made the earth physical were fluid and completely oxygen enriched. There was water above the earth and below the earth. It was like a giant terrarium and NOTHING.. not rocks, not plants, not animals and not humans were the same at all in any way before the flood. After the flood for hundreds of years even to this day molecular cohesion rapidly changed into a form of decay.. and continues to decay .. groaning in anticipation of the return of Jesus when all things will be set in it's proper order again.
    So basically what I'm saying is it's no great supernatural thing that happened to these rocks. It was simply a different atmosphere that produced them than what we have today.

  6. Alberino's pants look perfect for the apocalypse.ย  Yes, I am making fashion choices for the end of days.ย  Where canย  I get a pair of those pants? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. i'm with you guys 100! but i seen a photograph of one the megalithic walls in town of Cusco. And it looked like the face of the rock was chipped or broken away. Only to reveal what was underneath and it looked like only the surface was smooth and the inside was a bunch of rock cluttered together. what do you think?

  8. Timothy, your YT channel is greatly missed. You're one of my most trusted and serious sources of knowledge (outside of the Bible, of course). Please consider starting a new channel or site! Your insight has been crucial to my growth as a Christ follower.

  9. Very nicely done,…although saying 10,000 yrs does deviate from the bibilical narrative of the earth being approximately 5777 yrs old…although ancient fallen knowledge of how to harness and shape the elements would account for these discrepencies… although, I do totally agree with theย theory of it being pre-flood and meant to withstand the coming deluge that even the gaints and abominations were having visions of, hence their seeking out of Enoch, to interpret their dreams and visions and upon receiving Enoch's word that God would not spare them all of their (giants and abominations) civilizations could have sparatically started trying to prepare for it,ย each in their own way with their own styles and methods…also, I had a comment on something Steve Q. mentioned about the Gaints and their paranormal prowess, if the giants had some supernatural method of lifting 14+ ton stones, then why does the giant that the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan have a spear?, and why did he simply not lunge at the soldiers with his bare hands, grab Dan, like the Hulk does Loki in the Avengers movie and not just smash him against the rocks a few times before tossing his dead body and then dispatching the others? Why would a creature with supernatural powers, need a spear? Why would he (the giant) know he needed a spear to dispatch the soldiers.. instead of just using is "supernatural powers"? the reason I ask is because it seems like Steve has a hard set view of what he thinks, and is more then willing to make fun ofย other interpretations and ideas about the possibilitiesย and being open minded enough to allow other interpretations of thought that may help fill the blanks in..seems like a bit of Hubris..ย ….ย were they supernatural?.. yes, are they like Hulk from the comic books?…. NO.. hence the need and foresight of the creature to have fashioned a weapon…


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