Damaging “I am Going To Reveal It All”

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  1. Annie, Strange that Putin tell's about Super Soldier's.The technology they got today, they can make human Robot's that look real, and it could also be part of the plan, of Depopulation programme, they have their list who they want kill first.They are all Demonic and follow the wicked angel's.As written,Jesus Christ say's I come quickly lest No flesh be found alive upon the Earth,Matthew 24:22 so bad it will get.And every person will make their Decision,wether for Righteousness in the Lord Jesus Christ, or for darkness who are Wordliness like unto Sodom and Gommorah, for it say's it will become this way before He come's.And yes, it has come even worse than that.In Revelation it say's the sin's Reach to Heaven.

  2. Faith Confessions Part 2. (Say 5X Each to Build For Word to Dwell in you Richly)

    I/We’re Absolutely the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and no Weapon Formed Against Me/Us shall Prosper. By the Stripes of Jesus We were Healed. We Have The Shield of Faith and It Quenches all the Fiery Darts of the Wicked. The Love of Jesus Constrains me/us because Jesus died for me/us so my/our Old Self died with Him. I/we can do all things Through Jesus Christ who strengthens Me/Us. Father you’re supplying all of My/Our need according to your Riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Of your Fullness have I/We Received and Grace for Grace. We are the Body of Christ, the fullness of Him that Fills All In All.
    The Love of Jesus Constrains me/us because Jesus died for me/us so my/our Old Self died with Him.
    I/We a New Creation In Christ Jesus, the Old Things have passed away, Behold all Things have become New. I/We’re accepted In the Beloved.
    I/We were Crucified with Jesus and its no Longer I/Us that Lives but Jesus who live In Me/Us. And the Life We now Live in the flesh we Live by faith In the Son of God who Love Us and Gave Himself for Us.
    I/We are holy, unblameable, unreprovable in His sight, I/We are Holy and without blame before Him in Love. For by One Offering/Sacrifice He has perfected forever Me/Us who were sanctified.
    God forbid that I/We should glory, save in the Cross of Jesus, By whom the Word has been crucified to Me/Us and Me/Us to the world. The Cross has formed a permanent barrier, firewall between us and the world and the World and Us..
    In You Jesus I/We have boldness and access with Confidence by the Faith of You. Through you Jesus we Both have Access by One Spirit unto the Father. I/We are Joined unto You Lord Jesus I/We are One Spirit with you.
    I/We Know this that Our Old Man, Our Old Self was Crucified with You Jesus so the Body of sin has been destroyed and Henceforth I/We don’t have to serve sin. The Old Self has died and I/We are Free from sin. Now since I/We Died with Jesus, I/We believe that We are Also Living with Him. The Old Things the Old Self have passed away, I/We are a New Self, A New Man Created in Righteousness and True Holiness.
    I/We Thank You Heavenly Father you made us Meet/Able to be Partakers of the Inheritance of the Saints In Light. You have delivered Me/Us from the Power/Authority of Darkness and Translated Us Into the Kingdom of your Dear Son. In you Jesus I/We Have our Redemption/Deliverance, the Remission/Forgiveness of Sins. I/We Confess Our sins and Heavenly Father You are Just/Righteous to Forgive our sins and cleanse us from All Unrighteousness. Truly our Fellowship is with You Father and With your Son Jesus Our Lord. By Faith, I/We Walk In the Light as Father you are in the Light, I/We Have Fellowship one with another and the Blood of Jesus Cleanses Me/Us from All sin.

    Wherefore, I/We Died with You Jesus from the Rudiments of The world, I/We no longer belong to this World and We’re No Longer Subject To Its Ordinanaces.
    I/We are your Sheep I/We Hear your Voice and The Voice of a Stranger We will Not Follow. You’ve Given Me/Us Eternal Life, Zoe and I/We will Never Perish Neither Shall any Man or Devil Pluck Me/Us out of Your Hand. I/We are Led by the Spirit of God I/We are Sons of God, I/We’re Heirs of God and Joint Heirs with Jesus. My/Our spirit is the Candle of The Lord, Searching the Inward Parts of The Belly. Out of My/Our Belly is Flowing Rivers of Living Water, I/We have a Spring of Water Welling up Within Me/ Us With Everlasting Zoe Life. Jesus You are the Bread Of Life, Your Words are Spirit and Life for My/Our spirit.
    Since I/We hace been Raised with You, Jesus, I/We seek those things which are Above Where Jesus You sit at the Right hand of God. I/We set our Affections on Things Above and Not on The Things f the Earth for I/We Have Died and My/Our Life is Hid With You Jesus in the Father God. When You Jesus shall appear I/We also will Appear with you in Glory. I/We Mortify the deeds of the Flesh while In This World In Jesus Name.
    Jesus, You are made unto Me/Us our Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification and Redemption. I pray the My/Our spirit soul and body, be preserved blames unto the coming of our Lord Jesus. Jesus you are made unto Me/Us Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification and Redemption. I/We are Blessed with All spiritual Blessings In Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus. I/We have been Given the Measure of Faith and the Communication of My/Our Faith is Effectual/Energized as I/We Acknowledge every Good Thing which is in Me/Us In Christ Jesus. My/Our Faith Comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God.
    For in that You Died Jesus You Died Unto Sin once, In that You Live, You Live unto God, I/We Reckon Ourselves to be Dead Indeed Unto sin, But Alive Unto You Father Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    I/We can do all things through Jesus who strengthens Me/US, God is supplying all of My/Our Needs, I/We are God’s Workmanship created In Christ Jesus Unto Good works, Father You are working in Me/Us both to will and to do of all your good Pleasure.
    Therefore I/We were buried with you Jesus in baptism, that like as Jesus you were Raised from the Dead by the glory of the Father, Even so I/We also walk in Newness of Life.
    I/We are receiving with Meeknes the Engrafted Word which is saving My/Our soul and I/We are doers of the Word and Not Hearers only. I/We have the Mind of Christ, the Helmet of salvation, I/we are Being transformed by Jesus your word. I/We Cast down all imaginations and Every High thing that would Exalt Itself against the Knowledge of God and Bring into Captivity Every Thought unto the Obedience Of Christ.
    For in You Jesus dwells all the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily and I/We are complete in you Jesus for You are the Head of all Principality and Power. In You Jesus I/We were Circumsized with the Circumsician made without Hands with the Circumcision of Jesus. I/we were buried with you Jesus in baptism, wherein I/we were also risen with You Jesus through Faith in the Operation of god who
    raised You from the Dead. And I/We were Quickend , Made Alive, Zoed,with You Jesus having forgiven Us of all Of Our sins.
    I/We have the Victory, Always Triumph In Christ I/we are World Overcomers and More than Conquerors In Christ Jesus . Greater is He that is In Me/Us than the defeated devil that in this World. Since God is for Me/Us Nobody can be Against Me/Us. I/We reign In Zoe Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord. I/We Have on the Helmet of Salvation the Mind Of Jesus and the Full armor of God, the glory of the Lord is My/Our Rear Guard.
    Heavenly father You are Rich in Mercy, You Have Quickened, Zoed, made Me/Us Alive together with Jesus, By Grace We Are Saved, And You Raised Me/Us Up together and Made Me/Us to Sit Together In Heavenly Places In Christ Jesus.
    Father You are In Me/Us both to will and To Do of your Good Pleasure. I/We Are Your Workmanship Created In Christ Jesus, You Are the Vine Jesus, I/We are the Branches and we are Bearing Much Fruit. You Watch over Your Word To Perform it, Your Word is Quick and Powerful Seperating My/Our Soul and spirit,
    Having Spoiled, stripped off Principality and Powers You Jesus Made a Show of them Openly triumphing over them in it. Jesus you partook of flesh and blood like us that through Death You destroyed Him who had the Power of Death, that was the devil, He’s defeated, And You Delivered Me/Us.
    I/We sow finances and good things abundantly and I we are receiving these thing s abundantly, Father You’re making all Grace Abound toward Me/Us so we having all sufficiency in all things Abound unto every good work, I/We have Dispersed We have given abroad and to the poor My/Our righteousness Endures Forever. You are Giving us Seed to Sow and Bread to Eat, and Increasing the Fruit of our Righteousness, My/Our Righteousness Endures forever.
    Father in Jesus Name you are showing Me/Us the exceeding Greatness of your power that is To and In Me/Us who Believe, According to the Working of Your Mighty Power which you wrought in Jesus when you raised Him up from the dead, far above all Principalities and Powers and every Name that is named not only in this world, But also In That which Is to come, and Gave Jesus to Be Head Over all Things to Me/Us the Church, Which is your body Jesus , I/We are the Fullness Of You Jesus tha Filleth all In All. And I/We has He Quickened Made Alive.
    I/We Are Being filled with the Fruits of Righteousness Which Are By Jesus, I/We’ve Cast all care Upon
    Jesus and The Heavenly father for He cares for Me/Us. Jesus You are My/Our Shepherd, Intercessor, Advocate, Lord, Savior Healer,High Priest of Our Confession, And Provider, I/We Do Not Want /Lack.

  3. These super soldiers are a spinoff of "progress".    Modern technology made this and all the rest of our destructive ways come about in the past sixty years.  Seems to me that our capabilities have happened too quickly for us to have done it all on our own.   Demons?

  4. Hi to all bless ya in Our HOLY FATHER… Don't be worried to see and hear these things… Have courage, our HOLY FATHER,S army is with every single one of us from the lowest to the highest… Just a thought and pray, call it genetics,science, technology… A question in my heart raised straight away when I heard this?… Is this the start of people taking the mark?… I praise our ADONAI to know we are another day closer to be with HIM!!!… AMEN

  5. If the super soldiers have no fear how long will they tolerate being controlled? How long before they turn on their owners? How long before they become killing machines NOT following orders? I would not take a chance on being in control of them… just saying

  6. I was considered like a super soldier while in the Marine Corps because of my dissociative identity disorders (DID). When dissociating primal instincts take over and many symptoms occur. One symptom is the near lack of fear. Another symptom is physical pain ceases immediately after an injury. In 1983 during the Grenada invasion the only real fear I had was screwing up on the mission. I also received a slight wound in the left upper arm after a friendly fire ricochet. The initial impact hurt like hell but afterwards I didn't feel a thing. In fact I forgot about the embedded bullet in my arm until some hours later. Amnesia did that. I came down with PTSD too soon after the Grenada conflict and haven't been the same since.

  7. More President Trump wins, Sen. Corker out, Sen.Flake out Hilary, and the DNC outed. The Congressional investigations have found out that it was Hilary that funded the debunked Russian dossier nonsense.The Resist movement has failed, the Resist the resistance movement has won. Yeah for our side. This almost guarantees a President Trump reelection win. If you are an outsider and are considering to run for a seat in Congress or the Senate please do so. If you will sign a pledge of loyalty to President Trump and his agenda. I don't care if you run as a democrat or republican. If this happens we stand the best chance ever of taking our country back. President Trump is just fundamentally transforming Obama land back into America, great job sir. I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you.


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