DAMAGING “Mad Dog” Mattis Threatens North Korea With Total Amount Destruction”

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  1. When you broadcast Trump to show NK we COULD take them out but we are trying everything not to, it reminded me of David and Saul,,,

    1 Samuel 24New International Version (NIV)

    David Spares Saul’s Life

    3 He came to the sheep pens along the way; a cave was there, and Saul went in to relieve himself. David and his men were far back in the cave. 4 The men said, “This is the day the Lord spoke of when he said[b] to you, ‘I will give your enemy into your hands for you to deal with as you wish.’” Then David crept up unnoticed and cut off a corner of Saul’s robe.

    Enjoy you everyday all day, thank you for all your hard work, Heidi too.
    Much love and prayer,
    daughter of the King

  2. We are all due for destruction. Our Creator can turn the hearts of men to fulfill his word of blessings for obedience and curses for ignoring and rejecting his Commandments his wisdom and his authority. We can have peace or War the decision is ours. DO NOT WORK ON GOD'S COMMANDED DAYS OF NO WORK.
    Ten Commandments Exodus 20:8-11, weekly 7th day Sabbath of no work and other Sabbaths of no work in Leviticus 23.

  3. Paul . . . not sure of your stance on this issue – this has been an escalating issue over the past four administrations. We have paid this country billions over the course of the past four administrations and now this has landed in the lap of Donald Trump. There is a unanimous agreement with nations in the UN that something should be done. If military options are enforced then this was brought upon by Kim Jong-un. The killing of innocent people in the Republic of NOKO is not what any United States citizen wants. The killing of innocent life is not what this country wants, but this is what Kim Jong-un has been telling his people for the past year and war is immanent with the United States

  4. We, as a whole, have this coming. You can't have a cease fire since 1953 and do nothing to end the conflict this long and not expect a mess. We ha e had many presidents since 53, including my favorite Ronald Reagan, and no one did anything. Now they have nukes and people are freaking out. Just goes to show burying our head in the sand doesn't work. We jump into fights we don't belong in and ignore the real problems. Yeah we deserve what's coming.

    Now, Trump has inherited Obama's ready-made CRISIS, with few options (since China has done "0" to reign in "Fat Little Kim").

  6. Yanks cannot be so stupid to believe that the white old fart like Mattis dare to take on the North Koreans…. seriously ?
    North Koreans need to only kill 30K Yanks and US will be asking another timeout like they did during the Korean War !
    Stop all this silly blustering. It is getting to be very embarrassing for US.

  7. Group think dumb's down all people. Think for yourselves people. We are loosing our Freedoms and liberty for this kind of BS. Groups are filing a class action to sue the US Government for discrimination against White people? All people should be represented so why are White people filing class action law suits against the US Government and their agency's? The Government dumb's us and persecutes us daily so sue they will and any government official or agency who practices racism will be named. Two wrongs do not make things right only worse, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJjTpQchohs White Privilege explained. Racism makes it creditable to make laws based in preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. It is based on skin color. We do not want a war with China and N.Korea. N.Korea has huge debt even there forced labor camps cannot pay their bills' whoever takes the commies out there will assume this and will be there for at least the next 20 years.

  8. The tweeter in chief Donald Trump responded to the test of a possible hydrogen bomb with a tweet.
    Only an irresponsible leader and a brain dead President would send a tweet after an enemy like North Korea claims it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

    Trump will do nothing.
    North Korea will nuke America first.

    America should call for a national day of prayers and fast. There are no good options now. Pastor Begley continues to trust the Trump administration to keep America safe. Only God can save America now but the country that abandoned God and chose LGBTQ cannot expect God to protect her.

  9. All the crap in our world is bothering me like never before. Its too much! Our wonderful country's under seige both internally and externally. I'm angry about it! So much warped thinking and truly demented behavior.
    Politicians protecting criminals and setting them free???
    Illegals pouribg in, taking over and thinking they have rights (they don't!)
    Muslims walking around in their stupid looking third world outfits. (This is America idiots!)
    BLM (cop killers! The black KKK)
    ANTIFA (masked, violent, freakin anti -free speach protesters.)
    Disgusting TROLLS
    INSANE KIM JUNG UN popping missiles for fun.
    CHINA backing NK insanity.
    Islamic terrorists driving vans into people. Suicide bombers.
    It's all nuts. Very abnormal!!!!
    All these crazies think they're right! WTF? ?? They're crazy loons!

  10. Over a year ago, the gov of Japan voted to shoot down Any missiles that go over their country. (supposed Line Break- eaten by Y_Tube) Missiles went over their country, and they just ended up doing a big nuthin. They sat there with their thumbs up their butt.

  11. The international community cannot do nothing to stop N.Korea. They only will make they cold war situation worser which can leads to war. Why only the US must have these weapons and not others? The US is creating a lake of fire for themselves because of their foreign policy which plays unfairly against other countries. Remember the USA is country founded upon invasion and stolen land and slavery. So we must not expect any better from these western Gentile goats. One day this Rough Goat's great horn will be broken.
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  12. We have to believe only in Jesus because the evil is going so crazy his time is running out please follow only one Jesus Christ we are leaving in very difficult time but we have our father in heaven lurking after us but we have to believe strongly in our lord and saviour Jesus Christ is the only one who can help us don't believe in this world power evils they are controlling our lives and they won't to destroy our lives and our believe in Jesus Christ


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