Damaging Information: “Putin Warns Of War ” Huge Range” In North Korea Conflict”

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  1. WE are going to war with NORTH KOREA and it will HAPPEN before OCT 10, and TRUMP is not going to accept them having nukes. Putin is not our PRESIDENT so he needs to shut up.THE reason little fatty is not worried is he has the backing of RUSSIA and CHINA. THE whole world will be blown up.THE END

  2. Our leader are going the way of Error in spirit, unable to give deliverance of peace peacfully, and has US continuing down the path of destruction of war; that their actions of pride being subjects of fear and doubt, lack liberty, all because of the Error, of their ways of spirit, taking library in ways of Error which causes unrest in others; that they become reactionary in truth, even like Abel done to Cain. Kim jung is reacting to the ways of America; that they both are protecting their own from those who act in ways that are alarming, in truth, giving reason for others to take actions, of Error; of the Error of not being subjects, of Christ Jesus, going in the way of the Spirit of Truth; where "Error," then, of and in, its ways of Spirit, is a way of unrest, (lacking liberty) that ones actions then, in Error, of Error, causes unrest in others, in being a subject of Error, like that of the way of spirit and truth, "Sabre​ Rattling," of the way of the sword, between USA and North Korea. If you, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, try to understand this prospective, of what I am trying to share about these principles of Spirit and Truth, you will see the world with new eyes; that I, of what is given, of the Spirit, of the word of of God, did receive understanding of the way of the Spirit of Truth. And Man, it's quite humbling the Spiritual Truth, allowing us to see the whole Truth, two sides of the sword, about the way of the Spirit, even the deeper love of God, and how to see him, in spirit, what we all percieve, and know in our hearts, of truth, about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the truth of the Spirit of the way of life in Jesus. Where it's the hope that if people can see the sobering truth and be humbled, within our own hearts, about the truth of our being in Error, how it is we can be subjects of Error, in Error, "Error, in a way of spirit" which makes things worse in trying to fix things materially by force, like Kim Jung, in Error, trying to preserve life, in the way of his power, of the Spirit in a way of Death, now with Nukes, even because America is so great, and reknown, the way of the Spirit of Giants, a greater power in material truth to rekoned with, to kept at bay, with Forces, of arrogance and material power, the Pride, of the way of "the Spirit of Error," trying to preserve life, taking liberty of Man, even as the Giants did literally taking liberty to eat them, all laboring in Error to have peace in their way of Error; but that in Error, of the way of Nukes, broad is the destruction of denying truth and contaminating the the world. So it's now it's very important to know the Spiritual truth, so material Truth is known, making us wholly in truth,, even that we can be spared from the Error of the ignorant who mean well… those subjecting us all to Error. I hope you can be enlighten as I am in receiving of this prospective of Truth. It was eye opening for me, that I share it even with the little resources I have, that it is good news of the good news of Jesus; Jesus really being the Truth of God manifest of His spirit in the way of material truth we all can relate to, even the truth of the word of God given to spare us all Error.

  3. You got a problem with half the planet???
    Sooner or later you have to ask why.
    Its time Americans started reading some history.
    By the way name your sources and provide some evidence otherwise your just another mouth piece.

  4. If North Korea does strike South Korea or Guam and there is another Korean war then Russia should not Support the mad dictatorship in the north but I'm guessing they will….Also China should not support the crazy dick but I'm guessing they will just to weaken the international community..

  5. Its only the Americans that are allowed to invade, and have nuclear arms, causing massive refugee crisis and millions of death. Meanwhile North Korea has never invaded any country, they are only trying to protect their own country even if it means counter attacking one of the American puppets. The yanks are the real bullies by antagonising North Korea with pre-war drills on its door steps.

  6. Whether you like Trump or not…God says pray for people in office over us. SEE THIS NOW!…Please go to my YT channel and look at something I discovered a Trump rally as he was running for office and the  Demon Principality of the air I discovered. Please excuse watermark that was left on video.  I will put one up later without that but felt it important enough to get this out. https://youtu.be/J768FTpEU9g      Shalom

  7. I don't think war is going to wait that long. If US want to stop N K will do before they can get more technology . Otherwise the US Will have to acknowledge that NK has nuclear capabilities.

  8. Hopefully Jesus comes back before the next war starts. I know I don't want to be around for it. Sad it has to come to war. If we go to war with North Korea, it means we also go to war with China. And, then there's Russia. I'm sure they won't be on our side either.



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