Damaging: “Trump Cancels Ramadan Dinner Celebration At White House”

Head of state Trump terminates the “Ramadan Dinner” Event at the White Residence for the very first time in 21 years http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com additionally Aid United States Get the word out https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=D7WQL22GHQY2U additionally http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/ramadan-celebration-white-house-trump-campaign-open/story?id=48266875 additionallyhttps://crusaderjournal.com


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  1. Wow. Once again, Christianity can be the government's excuse to do stupid things. This is exactly why freedom of religion was a constitutional provision, to keep "rulers" from justifying actions unilaterally based on their own beliefs of being God-ordained for the position and carrying out "the will of God" according to their own religion. FREEDOM of religion means respecting others' choices of same, and allowing the same level of recognition. Do your history homework, people.

  2. Look at all the people praising trump, if God was real belive me this president and many before him would be burning. This is not a Christian nation either, read your history. Religion should be banned worldwide so the people of this planet my finally know the peace that all these so called religion's preach about.


    What does it mean to look unto Jesus? Well, we can think of it like
    this: If you are drowning and somebody walks past you, you do not look at him. You look unto him. When you look unto him, you are turning to him and expecting him to rescue you.

    In the same manner, you look unto Jesus expecting Him to save, heal and
    protect you because you know His mighty power and sacrificial love for
    you. God’s Word says that we are to keep “looking unto Jesus, the author
    and finisher of our faith”. That is how God wants us to live.

    So if you have a recurring migraine, keep looking unto Jesus. See Him
    taking that migraine upon His body on the cross and say, “Lord, I thank
    You that by Your stripes I am healed.” (Isaiah 53:5) As you keep looking
    unto Jesus, your healer, that migraine will have to bow to His finished

    If you have a financial lack in your life, just keep looking unto Jesus
    with confident expectation that He will provide for you and deliver you
    from your lack.

    “But Pastor Prince, is it really so simple? All I have to do is look unto Jesus and He will bless me financially?”

    Yes, it is that simple. The problem with us is that we tend to look
    unto ourselves. But we cannot save or deliver ourselves. Even the
    apostle Paul struggled when he depended on his self-effort. That is why
    he said, “For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I
    will not to do, that I practice.” (Romans 7:19) It was only when Paul looked away from himself and unto Jesus that he received his deliverance. (Romans 7:24–25)

    My friend, if you have been looking unto yourself, it is time to start
    looking unto Jesus. Look unto Him, the author and finisher of your
    faith. And soon, you will be looking at your healing and provision!

  4. When Muslims respect the period of Ramadan as a peaceful endeavor I suppose President Trump will also. If Muslims want people of the world to respect their religion then said religion of "peace" must stop the killing if only in their "sacred time". It is their religion being drawn back to centuries old practices so they must step up and be willing to change for the betterment of all.


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