Pythonic Caution: “Gripping FOOD Alert” Globe Starvation

Pythonic Caution “Gripping FOOD Alert” Globe Vision, and also the United Nations worried of the impacts of El Nino, however Globe Harvest International has a prediction of worry likewise likewise Assist United States Get the word out likewise likewise


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  1. I can't be here anymore after just listening to a little girl and boy tell their story about what they go thru and witness in Pizzagate coming from the mouths of babes Pastor Paul I feel so guilty that I've been crying with PTSD over the sexual abuse since I was 8 yrs old all thru my life happening and didn't understand why but after hearing what these children endure and its their teachers and parents not just Hollywood Elite! I can't get home fast enough with all these political games they need to just do it so we can go home where we belong!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ญPray for our children that get tortured and eatin by these inhuman reptillians or whatever they are!!!I would have never believed it if I didn't hear it from the little ones!๐Ÿ™GB

  2. You'd be surprised how many Angels are with us right now.. if you could percieve them.. think of Gehazi and Elisha and the army that came and Elisha saying about Gehazi.. 'open his eyes LORD' Jacobs ladder is outside now.. always has been. The LORD doesn't change! I love yas.. Jesus is Lord!! I certainly do know what the Spirit looks like within you my brothers. I bear witness and we will stick up for you guys worldwide now!! You are imperishable!! How's that for neat.. All glory is God's not mine!!

  3. Pastor, I love you my Brother, but I am from Sacramento California 95833. And 108 degrees is not unusual. It is most likely when there is a Heatwave coming through. A heatwave could last a week to 3 weeks. The degrees can run from 100 to 110. the highest would last a day or two. It is not uncommon for the Sacramento Valley, or Stockton, Lodi, Laguna, Galt , Rio Linda, El Verta to have these high temps. We never liked them, but thank goodness it always came to an end and 90 or 95 we were able to tolerate.

  4. I started a personal garden to prepare. Cabinets already stocked with dry food.ย I keep soda and juice bottles to put water in for an emergency just for the plants. Using a shelving system that lets only a certain amount of light through for sun sensitive plants. Going to use eggshells in place of miracle grow.

  5. Do what you can, help as many as you can. be an example of the king we serve. in the end it really is in God's hands. be faithful " thank you for your words earlier "God's child" I understand now what you meant. I was baptised almost 2 weeks ago, I'm playing catchup.

  6. I LIVE IN TUCSON, AZ (south of Phx) 123 degrees on my car guage(took a pic) but 114 degrees on news- either way HOT! I JUST FIGURED THE DEVIL WAS COMING TO TOWN! RECORDS BREAKING HEAT.
    Ain't nothing compared to what the lost souls will face. I pray for their hearts to turn to Jesus….QUICKLY!

  7. This weekend June 24th and June 25th Coos and Curry counties are supposed to be having mass emergency drills. Which won't be having these counties public included. Itl be fixed wing aircraft as well as helicopters. There will be many emergency personnel and many people involved as well as lots of equipment. We aren't sure which people they will be including during the emergency drills. They are referring to is if we have a earthquake and tsunami. Which the Bandon news paper mentioned for us residents to remain calm during the time it takes place. When helicopters and planes are landing and taking off. We aren't sure of what kind of aircraft they will be having come in here and do the drills. To me I think there is more to it. If we will be using military aircraft for this and they know something massive coul be happening in matter of time. Things are really getting real and I'm babtist and pray that God keeps a shield over us. To protect us through everything that is going on in this world while the world goes bazerk.


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