The Totalitarian Pope – Tom Horn on The Jim Bakker Program

Tom Horn show to us the amount of individuals in the Vatican are stepping forward with details that Pope Francis as well as the management within the Vatican are planning for the antichrist, offering even more proof towards Sadhu’s prediction that Pope Francis is the False Prophet from Discovery.

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Mark 3: 24 MEV If a kingdom is split versus itself, that kingdom could not stand.

Genesis 12:3 MEV I will certainly honor them that honor you as well as curse him that curses you, as well as in you all households of the planet will certainly be honored.

Psalm 122:6 MEV Wish the tranquility of Jerusalem: ” May they thrive that like you!”.

Isaiah 5: 20 MEV Concern to those that call bad great, as well as great wickedness; that trade darkness for light, as well as light for darkness; that trade bitter for wonderful, as well as wonderful for bitter!

John 17: 12 MEV While I was with them worldwide, I maintained them in Your name. I have actually maintained those which You have actually provided Me. And also none is shed other than the boy of perdition, that the Bible could be met.

Matthew 24:8 MEV All these are the start of sadness.

Discovery 14:9-10 MEV A 3rd angel followed them, claiming with a loud voice, “If any person venerates the monster as well as his photo as well as obtains his mark on his temple or on his hand, he additionally will consume alcohol of the wine of the rage of God, which is put out completely toughness right into the mug of His rage. He will be tortured with fire as well as brimstone in the visibility of the divine angels as well as in the visibility of the Lamb.

Isaiah 43: 25 MEV I, also I, am He that remove your disobediences for My very own benefit, as well as will certainly not remember your transgressions.

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  1. Hello? I do NOT recognize this man as the head of the Church. He is a false prophet that has absolutely NO authority to declare himself a substitute for Jesus Christ. (And I'm speaking from the position of an EX-Roman Catholic who was awakened by the Holy Spirit!)

  2. Pope Francis is so shady and unChristian in his perspectives, I do not understand how the Catholics can stay under his authority. I expected a loud uproar that never came. Francis is not even subtle – he is blatantly anti-scripture.

  3. When Ratzinger was REMOVED I knew the devil was moving in. This guy is as liberal as they come. He’d probably preside over a gay wedding. He’s not a priest even he’s a satanic free mason. Padre Pio said the devil had entered the church before he died. I look at the Catholic Church as belonging to Jesus not these corrupt globalist child molesters that invaded it.

  4. Been thinking the pope is the false prophet for atleast a year and it was great encouragement to hear Prophet Sadhu confirm it.. I find it ironic that Francis came on the scene the same month that Pluto's Gate otherwise known as "the gate to hell" was discovered…  Peeps, buckle up, we are at the end of mankind as we know it! May God Shine His Many Blessings on all of us!


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