Tom Horn Meeting January 18 2018 – Freemasons As Well As Washington DC – Most Recent Update

Tom Horn Meeting January 18 2018 – Freemasons As Well As Washington DC – Most Recent Update
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  1. G. Washington is doing the as above so below pose in the Apotheosis painting as well.
    The artist worked at the Vatican for years. That should explain all the symbolism right there.

  2. Mason Reagan began that facing the Obelisk while taking the oath thing.
    Reagan is NOT who everyone is made to believe he was.
    They forget the headlines in papers in the late 80's of Reagan and Bush into pedophilia.
    Both are also members of the Bohemian Grove.
    Reagan is who opened the borders.


  3. Jefferson was never a Mason and he did not say that. Re-written "history" as usual.
    Jefferson wanted nothing to do with the Masons, and Washington left the Masons after he saw the Illuminati infiltrating it. But they don't want anyone to know these truths. ALL of history we have all been indoctrinated with has been a LIE.

    And just wait – that DC obelisk is going to fall.


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