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  • How to Read and Study the Bible

    The best ways to Check out and Research study the Bible

    Preaching for Sunday, February 12,2017 This is the 124 th preaching preached in English on It was preached by Pastor/Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, who provides some concepts how a Christian can check out and study [...]
  • Sermon Series: House Rules: The Rules for Deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13) (Whole Service)

    Preaching Series: Home Rules: The Guidelines for Deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13) (Whole Service)

    Preaching begins at 19 m43s. Just like the guideline for our bishop, this next guideline will offer an incredible chance for us as a church to enhance in our Scriptural literacy worrying this essential, however typically misconstrued [...]
  • Great Figures of the New Testament Lecture | The Great Courses

    Excellent Figures of the New Testimony Lecture|The Excellent Courses

    Get your totally free audio book:. Enhance your scriptural literacy with these 24 informative lectures about the cast of brilliant characters in the New Testimony. From the widely known figures of Jesus, John the [...]


    Sunday nights this fall, we'll be going through Read the Bible for Life. You're totally free to go to at no charge whatsoever. Please sign up ahead of time so we can make our order in time if you 'd like the optional book for $14 We hope you [...]
  • Bible Study Tools and Techniques

    Bible Research study Tools and Methods

    This video is produced to assist any find out the best ways to study the Bible. Dr. Michael A. Brown provides you the tools to appropriately divide the word of God. source
  • How to Study the Bible by Joyce Meyer (Must watch)

    Ways to Research study the Bible by Joyce Meyer (Should view)

    Excellent Insight and pointers to study the Bible. For research study function just. source
  • Vocabulary Voyagers Pitch – Literacy Improvement Game

    Vocabulary Voyagers Pitch – Literacy Enhancement Video game

    Pitch Video for Vocabulary Voyagers Group. App produced by 3 teenage ladies to assist enhance literacy rates in young kids. We intend to promote the enhancement of literacy in Australian society through video games that are interesting, [...]
  • Literacy & Numeracy  Action Plan Video 2016

    Literacy & Numeracy Action Strategy Video 2016

    Maitland Christian has actually been on an amazing strategy of targeted Literacy and Numeracy enhancement, supported by the NSW Federal government's Literacy & Numeracy Action Strategy. The enhancements and outcomes are exceptional. The work [...]
  • Discovering Victory Podcast April 2016 Edition with Dr. Woodrow Kroll

    Finding Triumph Podcast April 2016 Edition with Dr. Woodrow Kroll

    Thank you for joining us for this month's Finding Triumph Podcast. As we go into the month of April, we are enjoyed discuss our amazing upcoming spring and summertime occasions like our Household Liberty Stroll and Memorial Day [...]
  • Tools For Bible Study

    Tools For Bible Research study

    Tool for bible research study with Teddy Wilson. Here is a list of the books for research study ... Let This Mind Remain in You (Brad Scott). Strongs Exhaustive Concurrence. The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of The [...]
  • How to Study the Bible – Tips And Tricks!

    The best ways to Research study the Bible – Idea!

    OPEN ME! ------------------------------------------------------. Here's a view into how I personally study the bible, together with concepts for how various kinds of students (auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinesthetic) can grow [...]
  • DUCA – Improving Children’s Literacy

    DUCA – Improving Kid’s Literacy

    See how a CCFC job is motivating kids to check out with their moms and dads. source