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Overcomer Research Overview with DVD: Living a Life of Unstoppable Toughness, Immovable Confidence, and also Unbelievable Power

Cost: ( since – Information) In this six-session Scriptures research, bestselling writer Dr. David Jeremiah transforms his understandings to among one of the most estimated however the very least comprehended flows of the Scriptures: the apostle Paul’s reproach in Ephesians 6: 10–18 to occupy the entire shield of God. With his trademark deepness, knowledge, and […]

A.D. The Holy bible Proceeds: The Transformation That Altered the Globe

Rate: ( since – Information) When Pontius Pilate bought the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, he assumed he was placing an end to the Jewish uprising that had actually been intimidating the authority of the Roman Realm. What Pilate really did not understand, nonetheless, was that genuine change was simply beginning. Based upon the impressive NBC […]

Getaway la noche que viene (Spanish Version)

Cost: ( since – Information) No hay duda que el mundo está en problemas. Vemos tragedia en las calles y violencia en las noticias. Oímos arguments politicos más y más divisivos que destacan las departments profundas y amargas en nuestra sociedad. Sentimos el dolor y la complication de una cultura que parece estar derrumbándose. ¿ […]

When Christ Appears: An Inspiring Experience With Discovery

Cost: ( since – Information) Attracts you right into a motion picture experience as predicted in guide of Discovery. Have you ever before questioned just how guide of Discovery relates to your life? When Christ Appears brings clearness to among one of the most misinterpreted publications of the Holy bible. Guide of Discovery assures an […]

The God You have actually Been Searching For

Cost: ( since – Information) Mac Brunson claims that locating your means to God does not need to be delegated possibility. God has actually disclosed Him self to the globe in the individual of His Kid, Jesus Christ, as well as in the web pages of His Word. The Holy bible discloses his ideas, feelings, […]

A.D. The Scriptures Proceeds: Guide of Acts: The Fish Story of the First Fans of Jesus, inning accordance with the Scriptures

Cost: ( since – Information) A.D. The Scriptures Proceeds: Guide of Acts is an inspiring memento publication, including both guide of Acts and also sensational images from the shooting of the NBC A.D. The Scriptures Proceeds tv occasion. In this remarkable present publication, preferred Scriptures instructor Dr. David Jeremiah is your overview via guide of […]