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2 “Red Lines”

John Ankerberg Program: Just what are both “red lines” that can cause an Israeli strike source

Army evaluation of countries between East

John Ankerberg Program: General William Boykin offers an armed forces evaluation of various countries between East source

Biblical significance of threats from Iran

John Ankerberg Show: What is the biblical significance of the threats from Iran and other countries? source

Could Israel be required to protect themselves

John Ankerberg: John Ankerberg Program: Could Israel be pushed into an edge as well as need to protect themselves with a strike versus Iran? source

Dangers Israel encounters from countries in Center East

John Ankerberg Program: Exactly what dangers is Israel dealing with from countries between East? Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu speaks about this topic source

Exactly what is the hazard from Iran/

John Ankerberg Program: Exactly what is the hazard from Iran? When will Iran have a nuke? as well as will Israel do something about it versus Iran prior to this year mores than? Mr. Moshe Arens responds to these concerns. source

Ezekiel 38 Battle: Nations stated in the Holy bible

John Ankerberg Program: Exactly what are the countries that are stated in the Holy bible that will have a duty in the end-time circumstance of exactly what occurs in Israel? source

Ezekiel, Israel and also the Center East

John Ankerberg: Did the prophet Ezekiel forecast a future battle with Israel and also the countries in the center East? source

Four-pronged attact Israel is dealing with

John Ankerberg Program: Is Israel dealing with a four-pronged strike coming fomr Iran, Syria, Lebanon and also the Palestinians? source

Hitler and also Head Of State Ahmadinejad of Iran

John Ankerberg Program: Mr. Netanyahu contrasts Hitler and also Head of state Ahmadinejad of Iran. source

Iran the significant danger to Israel

John Ankerberg Program: Does Major General Jacob Amidror concur that Iran is the significant danger to Israel? source

Iran, Uranium as well as a nuke

John Ankerberg Program: Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu goes over when will Iran have adequate enriched uranium to earn a nuke? source