Sean McDowell40 Videos

Am I Good Enough To Go To Heaven?

Will God allow me into heaven? Have I lived a good enough life? Sean briefly answers these questions from the life and teachings of Jesus.

Are Angels and Demons Real?

Do supernatural beings really exist? What’s the evidence? Sean offers three quick reasons for the reality of angels and demons.

Are Christians Narrow-minded?

Is it narrow minded to believe you are right? Are Christians uniquely narrow-minded? Sean briefly responses to the challenges and more.

Can We Know Anything at All?

Given that there is so much information available, and rebuttals to nearly every position, can we have any knowledge at all? Sean briefly answers this question.

Can You Sin in Heaven?

Can we sin in heaven? If not, do we lose our free will? If so, can we get kicked out of heaven? Sean helps bring some clarification and perspective to these difficult questions.

Did Jesus Actually Claim to be God?

Does the NT present Jesus as God? How did Jesus understand himself? Sean briefly answers these questions.

Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

Do New Testament-like miracles still happen? What’s the evidence? Sean briefly answers these questions with three reasons to believe in the miraculous.

Does God Hate Sex?

Is God anti-sex? Is He aiming to limit our fun? Sean responds to these myths and shows that God actual designed sex for our good.

Does God Have a Secret Will for My Life?

How do we know God’s will? Does He have a hidden will for my life that I have to discover? Sean briefly answers these questions.

Does the Bible Have Contradictions?

Is the Bible full of contradictions? How do Christians best respond to this challenge? Sean briefly tackles these questions.

Does Truth Even Matter?

We live in an age that questions the relevance and knowability of truth. Is truth even important anymore? Sean briefly answers this question with a personal story.

Freedom from Porn Addiction: Powerful Story

Is porn really addictive? If so, how can you be set free from addiction? Sean interviews his friend Mike, a former porn-addict, about his 20-year journey of addiction and broken relationships, but ultimately the transformation and freedom he experienced through Christ.