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Shocker! A millennial pastor actually scolds fellow millennials.

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Meet Jane and Sam Whaley. This couple has been beating, kidnapping, enslaving and deceiving people all in the name of Jesus since 1979.They are cult . destructive cult in Carolina . I know many of you watched the resignation of Fred Price Jr. this week. Whether on my channel or other means, I think of […]

Women Will Never Hold Priesthood!

1984 was a pivotal year in the RLDS Church. It was the year a revelation was canonized allowing women to receive the priesthood. However, it caused a schism within the church and many people left the RLDS Church and formed other Restoration Branches, or in our case, the Remnant Church. We’re talking to Jim Vun […]

Apostolic Movement – Pastor ID Guobadia

Overcomers In Christ Faith Assembly 557 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 Tel: 1-929-261-8599 source

New Age Bondage vs Freedom in Christ

Discussing some of the basic differences between the lifestyles I have led as a New Ager and a Christian with specific details. A continuation of the testimony that I gave on Laura Maxwell’s Eternal Radio Show : source

The NAR and Jesus Culture: Signs and Wonders or Asinine Blunders

Bethel Church in Redding CA spawned Jesus Culture. A pernicious plague that preys on ignorant churches and their young people. It is a tool being used to fuel the false teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation and needs to be exposed. Hide your kids and hide your wife! source

Mormon Secrets 2: What they don’t say about Race

An exploration of the history of Mormonism’s teachings on the black race and the Native Americans. source

Zoroastrianism and Judaism I

Table of Contents: 00:37 – ZOROASTRIANISM 01:18 – ZOROASTRIANISM 02:12 – ZOROASTRIANISM 03:06 – JUDGMENT AFTER DEATH 05:51 – INFLUENCE OF ZOROASTRIANISM 07:16 – THE FIRST PATRIARCH OF THE JEWISH FAITH 07:51 – 08:07 – Three major sections of the Jewish Scripture 08:25 – The Law (Torah) “The Teaching” 08:47 – The Prophets (Nevi’im) 09:22 […]

Emperor atheist debates Kent Hovind on Noah’s Flood

Emperor Atheist debates Young Earth creationist Kent Hovind on the mythical Noah’s flood and if the bible is the inerrant word of God. source