‘Marching to Zion’: Christian Zionism &1948 Israel Exposed!

Buy DVD right here:… Acquire Digital duplicate right here: Regarding Movie:. For over 1800 years, the Jews were spread throughout all countries without a homeland. In 1948, the difficult took place. The State of Israel wased established, as well as the Jews again had the paradise. Lots of Christians have announced this to be a […]

“Call to Pastor” Lori Bowden (United With Christ 06/28/17)

Pastor Lori & Thaddeus Bowden from In His Presence Worship & Movement and Pastor Richard Dean of Restoration Community Church share on the call to Pastor. source

“Is There Any Evidence For God?” Ben Shapiro Arguments With Atheist

“Is There Any Evidence For God?” Ben Shapiro Competes Backward And Forward With An Atheist ✓ SUBSCRIBE: source

“Kingdom Now” Dominionism: A Kingdom of Heretics – The”New Apostolic Reformation”

Component 2 of a collection of messages subjecting, shooting down, and also appearing an alerting concerning an apostate and also unsafe motion amongst Pentecostal and also charismaniac pseudo-Christians called the “New Apostolic Reformation,” that instructs the repair of the workplaces of apostle and also prophet to rule the church, together with a postmillennial and also […]

“Our Restoration Movement Heritage”

Kenwood Levels Christian Church in Louisville, Ky. * Lecture by: Randy Beard, Senior Citizen Preacher * May 14,2017 source

“Resistance aganist The Missional Church” By Pastor John Wesly and Paster Enock Okwaro

Pastoral Thought: “Preacher, we don’t want to be around those non-Christians because they curse and carouse and are corrupt” . With this mindset we are not building bridges, we are building walls. While the church does provide mutual encouragement and support, we must use the church as a harbor from the world only temporarily, to […]

“The Missional Church Movement”

Sabbath 2017 03 18 Divine Message source

“Restoration & Reformation” 11am 1.15.17

2017 is a time in which we are going to see Holy Spirit Restoration in the Body of Christ producing Kingdom Reformation in the World around us as we move from a place of New Year’s Resolution into a time of New Year’s Revolution seeing the Kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdoms of our […]

[2017]10 A Lot Of Hazardous Nations for Christians to Stay in|Christianity A Lot Of Persecuted Faith

[2017]10 Nations where Christians Could not Live **** Follow me: ***** Web site: Facebook: Twitter: Facebook Web Page: Facebook Team:. Pictures & Video clips are accredited under Creative Commons:. -|-|| -|||-|| -|-. Please watch:”Multiple Youtube Channels in One AdSense Account | AdSense Help” -|-|| -|||-|| -|-. source

[72] Owner Of Code Pink on Why We Have Unlimited Battle

Lee Camp welcomes the prominent tranquility lobbyist and also cofounder of Code Pink, Medea Benjamin to review our nation’s current pivots in the direction of even more battle. While Trump requires “fire and fury” Code Pink: Ladies for Tranquility held a candlelit vigil at The White Home. The media overlooks exactly how hazardous Trump’s diplomacy […]

[Exponential 2017] Meeting with Derwin Gray (Un-Cut)

At this year’s local Exponential 2017 in DC, we obtained the opportunity to take a seat as well as conversation with Priest Derwin Gray, Lead Priest of Change Church, in South Carolina. Priest Derwin Gray is leading the motion of genuinely multi-ethnic churches as well as establishing the following leaders of multi-ethnic churches. We take […]

[Wikipedia] Evangelicalism in the USA

In the USA, Evangelicalism is an umbrella team of Protestant Christians that rely on the requirement of being birthed once again, highlight the relevance of ministration, and also verify standard Protestant trainings on the authority and also the historicity of the Scriptures. Virtually a quarter of the United States populace, evangelicals vary and also attracted […]