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#WeAreCTK – Christ the King Church

#WeAreCTK We are a gospel-centered missional church in Cincinnati, Ohio that is committed to seeing the good news of Jesus bring life and hope to everyone. Eric Tuffendsam (Producer/Post Audio), Trent Pekkala (Director/Director of Photography/Editor), Arturo Minera (Audio/Grip), Andrew WInebrenner (Teleprompter Operator), Brandon McCauly (Script Supervisor), Drew Fitzgerald (Production Assistant), Co-written by Trent Pekkala, […]

“Resistance aganist The Missional Church” By Pastor John Wesly and Paster Enock Okwaro

Pastoral Thought: “Preacher, we don’t want to be around those non-Christians because they curse and carouse and are corrupt” . With this mindset we are not building bridges, we are building walls. While the church does provide mutual encouragement and support, we must use the church as a harbor from the world only temporarily, to […]

REAL JEWISH MESSIAH DEBATE: Rabbi Blumenthal vs Dr Michael Brown, ASKDrBrown – Part 2 of 3 -Rebuttal

The Real Jewish Messiah Debate: Rabbi Blumenthal vs. Dr. Michael Brown / ASKDrBrown – Part 2 Rebuttal. For Dr. Brown’s presentation click here For Rabbi Blumenthal’s Notes: For the complete 2-hour presentation of this debate click here Over the last year, Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Yisroel C. Blumenthal have engaged in […]

Can You Actually Move From Attractional To Missional?

Mac McCarthy and Jody Been share 3 tactics they’ve discovered for transitioning a church from attractional ministry into a missional disciple-making movement. source

The Fruitful & Missional Church (Reproducing and Multiplying Leaders for the Kingdom of God)

In part 7 of our series Shift: Growing as God’s People in God’s World, A Study in Titus Chris Gensheer preaches on The Fruitful & Missional Church (Reproducing and Multiplying Leaders for the Kingdom of God) from Titus 3:12-15. Christ Church Mansfield exists to love God, connect people, serve the city, and reach the world […]

If Jesus Christ’s resurrection is true, why does he have TWO tombs?

Where did Jesus Christ’s resurrection happen? Was it at what is now The Garden Tomb, or The Church of the Holy Sepulchre? This video examines the historical evidence and demonstrates that neither location is likely, because knowledge of the location of Christ’s tomb was lost. In fact, information about Christ’s tomb is strangely absent from […]

DISCUSSIONS with Craig Barnes|Lisa Bowens on Church Growing as well as Missional Hermeneutics

Head of state Barnes speaks with Lisa Bowens, Aide Teacher of New Testimony, regarding reviewing bible with a missional lens as well as just how she looks for to prepare trainees for the interesting difficulties of church growing. source

Jonathan Cahn talks on the 100 th Wedding Anniversary of the Balfour Statement– November 2017

Jonathan Cahn talks on the 100 th Wedding Anniversary of the Balfour Statement– November2017 To obtain in contact with Jonathan Cahn’s ministry, to get a lot more, consisting of Free Present as well as Updates, or to be component in the Great Compensation, most likely to:– or Jonathan Cahn Facebook: – Or contact: […]

[2017]10 A Lot Of Hazardous Nations for Christians to Stay in|Christianity A Lot Of Persecuted Faith

[2017]10 Nations where Christians Could not Live **** Follow me: ***** Web site: Facebook: Twitter: Facebook Web Page: Facebook Team:. Pictures & Video clips are accredited under Creative Commons:. -|-|| -|||-|| -|-. Please watch:”Multiple Youtube Channels in One AdSense Account | AdSense Help” -|-|| -|||-|| -|-. source