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Óscar Romero & freedom faith

Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga speaks about Óscar Romero & freedom faith source

“Call to Pastor” Lori Bowden (United With Christ 06/28/17)

Pastor Lori & Thaddeus Bowden from In His Presence Worship & Movement and Pastor Richard Dean of Restoration Community Church share on the call to Pastor. source

Attention Church of Christ Preachers: Invite to go over the resulting the Lord

We are welcoming main Indiana Church of Christ Preachers as well as Elders to openly go over the subject of”Jesus, the Apostle and Moses and the Prophets taught the Lord would come again in the the lifetime of the people in the first century” source

Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell (12 September 1788– 4 March 1866) was a Scots-Irish immigrant that ended up being a commissioned priest in the USA as well as joined his papa Thomas Campbell as a leader of a reform initiative that is traditionally referred to as the Repair Activity, as well as by some as the “Stone-Campbell Movement.” […]

Michael Heiser – The Church and Anti-Intellectualism

My discord server: Please support Michael Heiser’s MIQLAT: source

Parcast Cults E5: Activity for the Remediation of the 10 Rules of God

In a nation abused by civil battle, Credonia Mwerinde and also Joseph Kibwetere were unified by their need for power and also respect. Asserting that they were carriers of God hired to conserve the globe from its approaching armageddon, Mwerinde and also Kibwetere preyed after the at risk and also passionately spiritual in Ugandan culture. […]

Did God Intend for the Church to Develop?

2 Thessalonians 2: 10-15 Collection on Repair Activity. Need To We Recover New Testimony Christianity. Church Company. Strategy of Redemption. Praise. I. Are We Expected to Hold On To Old Ways? A. Is the church meant to advance? B. Holy Spirit would certainly assist apostles right into all fact. 1. Jn 16: 12-14 I have […]

Church of Christ Remediation Motion Intro

Talk about bible with initial century context, as the basis of the existing remediation activity. Paul anticipated in bible, that the church would certainly drop away, therefore the should ” restore” the initial initial century church in contemporary times. This is necessary for individuals to obtain the exact same advantages each the “covenant” as God […]

“Restoration & Reformation” 11am 1.15.17

2017 is a time in which we are going to see Holy Spirit Restoration in the Body of Christ producing Kingdom Reformation in the World around us as we move from a place of New Year’s Resolution into a time of New Year’s Revolution seeing the Kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdoms of our […]

Marital Relationship Statement After Separation|From The Dirt

Chris as well as Stephanie are the couple duo, From the Dirt, that started as well as proceed their lives simply beyond Nashville, TN. Their tale of broken heart, failure, as well as incredible redemption is woven deep right into the material of their songs. Chris as well as Stephanie Teague share their testament as […]

Religious beliefs or cult?? HWPL Heavenly Society, Globe Tranquility, Reconstruction of Light

The company reference below is called Heavenly Society, Globe Tranquility, Reconstruction of Light (HWPL). The male in the facility is Lee Man-Hee, he is the cult owner and also leader of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Holy Place of the Habitation of the Testament, I wish that aids Tony. many thanks Easter1611 Distinction In […]