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Shocker! A millennial pastor actually scolds fellow millennials.

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New leadership for Willow Creek

This weekend the elders of Willow Creek Community Church (WCCC) announced the successful completion of a multiyear succession plan by naming Heather Larson as lead pastor and Steve Carter as lead teaching pastor. source

FALSE VISITS TO HEAVEN & HELL – JUSTIN PETERS & SO4J-TV / 10 Dangers of Extra-Biblical Revelations

★SO4J-TV ► & Justin Peters talk about “FALSE VISITS TO HEAVEN & HELL – 10 DANGERS OF EXTRA-BIBLICAL REVELATIONS”, i.e. Why Claims of Afterlife Experiences from MANY so-called “Christian Books” are NOT Reliable, in fact these MANY books & testimonies are Extra-Biblical (Rev 22:18-19) and UNbiblical. SO4J-TVs Martha Mac sat down with Justin Peters […]

Museum of the Bible or Museum of the bible????

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Seeker Freindly Churches Have a Spirit of Divination

The seeker friendly churches today seek out why people are not in church. Often times when church’s do this they degrade the very most important aspect of the worship service which is the gospel message. The seeker friendly phenomenon is caused by the devil who prowls around seeking someone to devour. The devil will do […]

Priests that unintentionally weaken the Scriptures

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Susie as well as Clifford provide remodelings to an unsightly, monotonous Christian church as well as their obsolete priest in this apology of Tender Loving Care’s traditional fact program”What Not To Wear.” SEE A BEHIND THE SCENES CHECK OUT THE CONSTRUCTING FROM THIS VIDEO CLIP: Even More HoweFunny Witticism as well as Parodies: Unpleasant Petition […]

The Spirit of Elijah & the Last Days Church

Join Fire & Poise Church LIVE @11: 00 AM CST as we praise the Lord Jesus and also consider “The Spirit of Elijah & the Last Days Church.” The Holy bible has a whole lot to state regarding the anointing of the Holy Spirit that was after the prophet Elijah. We will certainly contrast that […]

Yeshua’s Candidate Delicate Training (John 6: 59-71)

01/29/17 – Priest David B. Curtis – Berean Scriptures Church – – Message #843 source