“False Teachings of Hinduism & the Bhagavad Gita”

Watch complete flick below: DVDs could be grabbed complimentary at FWBC in Tempe, AZ, beginning on Wednesday, March 29,2017 They could additionally be gotten quickly on Mounting the Globe’s internet site utilizing the complying with web link. Pre-orders will certainly deliver on Tuesday, March 28,2017 Below is the connect to make an on […]

(Synced) #293 Dispute – Christopher Hitchens vs Jay Richards – Atheism vs Theism – 2008

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*2016 * road QvesvesA Christian Vs Creator Witness

The Gosple Preached vesves The Creator Witness Organisation Exposed! . In reality there is a method to figure out oppositions. Being birthed once again is a fortress on Jws. For if they are strolling real they could not please God. Rom 8:8 . Discussion with some Creator Witnesses that assume we need to concentrate just […]

*2017 * Christian Vs Hinduism (Hare Krishna)

pay attention thoroughly as the training of Hare krishna are reveal! source

#304 Discussion – Christopher DiCarlo vs Dave Quest – Atheism vs Christianity – 2008

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3 Sights of the Self: Hinduism, Buddhism, as well as Christianity

Contrasting 3 sights of the self: Hinduism, Buddhism, as well as Christianity. Gymnopedie No 2 by Kevin MacLeod is accredited under an Imaginative Commons Acknowledgment certificate ( Resource: Musician: source

9 MAJOR Differences – Jesus Vs Buddha

In this video we look at how Jesus and Buddha are NOT the same at all! Many will claim that what Jesus and Buddha taught are similar but after close investigation you clearly see this is not true! Article (Please share) From New Age To Jesus – My Testimony (Steven)

9 MAJOR Distinctions – Jesus Vs Buddha

In this video clip we check out just how Jesus and also Buddha are NOT the very same whatsoever! Several will certainly declare that just what Jesus and also Buddha instructed are comparable yet after close examination you plainly see this is not real! Write-up (Please share) From New Age To Jesus – My Statement […]

A buddhist becomes a christian: One powerful testimony about how God miraculously revealed Himself

Justin’s testimony: Born and raised Buddhist, used to be a Buddhist monk in Thailand, now I become a Christian. God reveals himself to me through many miraculous situations, making me experience him and realizing that he exists.

A Christian Viewpoint on Hinduism

This was a job for our Christian Viewpoints course. We investigated the distinctions in between Hinduism as well as Christianity. All our info is from google, so if you do not like it after that condemn the net. Not my trouble. source

A Contrast In Between Christianity as well as Islam – Jay Smith

Much unsupported claims is being grouped around in our Western culture, also by Christians, presenting the idea that the God of the Scriptures as well as the God of Islam are basically the very same God. In traditional Jay Smith style, Jay brings a clear contrast in between the religious beliefs of Christianity as well […]

A Jewish response to a Pastor

A Rabbi in Israel answers a Christian pastor who questions him on why Jews do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah and son of G-d. The Rabbi answers and explains by giving evidence from the Torah & the Messianic prophecies that were given by G-d to the prophets in ancient times.