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Distinction In Between Islam & Christianity

Just what the gleeful Muslim terrorist and also the hesitant Christian hero inform us regarding the distinction in between Islam and also Christianity– the origins of 2 extremely various societies. Adhere To David on Twitter - Aid us get the word out regarding the freedom motion, we’re getting to millions aid us get to millions […]

What Are the Key Distinctions In Between Islam and also Christianity? (Responding To Islam Component 6)

Christians and also Muslims share numerous ideas (e.g., idea in God). The distinctions in between Christianity and also Islam could not be neglected. This is the 6th video clip of our “Answering Islam” collection, where David Timber addresses the concern:”What are the main differences between Islam and Christianity?” Obtain the complete message of this video […]

Hinduism Vs Christianity & Islam

Hindus could typically have a hard time to clarify the tremendous variety in their religious beliefs, specifically in contrast to Christianity as well as Islam. This video clip lays out why it is that Hinduism is so extremely various to the western Abrahamic beliefs. Christianity as well as Islam are basically redemption faiths which seek […]


Jesus as well as Muhammad, Islam as well as Christianity: A Side-by-Side Contrast It is not the function of this video clip to advertise any type of specific faith, consisting of Christianity. TROP does appreciate shooting down rubbish, such as the case that Muhammad as well as Jesus taught a. ethically equal message or that […]

Recognizing God: Islam vs Christianity

Recognizing God: Islam vs Christianity Down community Toronto with Christsforgiveness ministries source

Islam and also Christianity Contrasted

Much is made nowadays in contemporary unsupported claims and also the media concerning the meant resemblances of Islam and also Christianity. ISIS and also various other Islamic terrorist teams are simply edge aspects to their religious beliefs, like so lots of various other Christian extremists of background? Exactly what concerning the Crusades? Exactly what concerning […]

A Contrast In Between Christianity as well as Islam – Jay Smith

Much unsupported claims is being grouped around in our Western culture, also by Christians, presenting the idea that the God of the Scriptures as well as the God of Islam are basically the very same God. In traditional Jay Smith style, Jay brings a clear contrast in between the religious beliefs of Christianity as well […]