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Christianity, Islam, and also Pork: Exactly How Zakir Naik Condemns Muhammad!

Zakir Naik aimed to shoot down Christianity, yet he wound up shooting down Islam! Assistance Acts 17 video clips on Patreon: In his talks, Dr. Zakir Naik says that pork is haraam (prohibited). To sustain his insurance claim, he usually prices quote the Scriptures flows Leviticus 11:7 -8 and also Deuteronomy 14:8, which state that […]

Joel Richardson The Anti-Christ Mahdi will Soon Appear!

The Mahdi is soon to appear. Iran has created the movie to make all Muslims fight for Mahdi and bring chaos and world destruction. The plan for the IRAN president is to create world destruction to provoke the Mahdi, Christianity Anti- Christ out of hiding.

Islam versus Christianity– Frank Turek

“I think it’s important for all Christians to know the differences between our beliefs and what Muslims believe. Share this video with your fellow believers so they can know them as well.”– Frank Turek source

Know Thy Enemy….an Islamic Antichrist?

John Ankerberg’s interview with Jay Smith, an expert on the Quran and the Islamic faith, who shares his view on the Christian and Islamic religions and how Jesus came as Savior for us all.

Dr. Michael Horton – Christianity & Islam (Part 1 of 3)

Dr. Michael Horton begins his talk on Islam and Christianity in this three-part interview. His recent article “Christianity and Islam: Core Beliefs” is in the July/August 2012 issue of Modern Reformation.

Distinction In Between Islam & Christianity

Just what the gleeful Muslim terrorist and also the hesitant Christian hero inform us regarding the distinction in between Islam and also Christianity– the origins of 2 extremely various societies. Adhere To David on Twitter - Aid us get the word out regarding the freedom motion, we’re getting to millions aid us get to millions […]

Argument: Islam compared with various other religious beliefs

An intriguing discussion with someone that was slamming my sights on Islam physical violence as well as misuse versus various other religious beliefs such as Christianity. Outro songs: ___________________________. Obtain the chair I have, the SL5000, from! Put “destiny” as your check out code to obtain a 10% discount rate! Follow me on Twitter […]