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Shooting down Creator’s Witnesses Pt. 1: Jesus as the First and also the Last

This starts a brand-new collection where I will certainly demonstrate how to shoot down JW mentors and also confirm the historical Christian teachings such as the Divine being of Christ, the Trinity and so forth. Right here I make use of the JW’s very own Holy bible to confirm that Jesus Christ asserts to be […]

Wickedness Creator’s Witnesses! (An Athiest Check Out A Christian Movie)

A consider some christian bullshit, a movie called”witness at your door.” source

Dr. Kent Hovind Q&A -Are Creator’s Witnesses Christian? 7-10-17 So numerous faiths, that is?

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Creator’s Witness stunned at undeniable knowledgeables that verify Jesus is God!

Please Inform Me The Reality Ministries had the ability to share numerous knowledgeables with a JW that verify Jesus is God. We have actually included message to the video clip in order to help you share the scriptural Jesus with others. Keep in mind: Throughout the discussion, I stated just how the JW has to […]

Real face of creator’s witnesses (Dr. James R White)

Restored Mind is a TELEVISION Program that handles the tourist attraction that this globe system has as well as its need to adapt us to its mould. Rather than disregarding the diverse assaults versus Holy Bible, ‘Renewed Mind’ challenges any type of legitimate case or allegation as well as shows its mistake with godly audio […]

This video clip will make Creator’s Witness as well as Muslim transform to Christianity

It’s everything about Jesus – Can you see him from the complying with knowledgeable? 1. Discovery 19:4 -5 New King James Variation (NKJV). As well as the twenty-four seniors as well as the 4 living animals dropped as well as venerated God that remained on the throne, stating, “Amen! Alleluia!” After that a voice originated […]

Exactly how Do I React to the Case of a Creator’s Witness That Jesus Is Not God?

Click the connect to register for our regular video clips - Click the connect to watch our whole archive of inquiries and also solutions - On today’s episode we respond to the inquiry,”How Do I Respond to the Claim of a Jehovah’s Witness That Jesus Is Not God?” Program Notes. 1. Are Mormons Christian? - […]

Dispute: Trinitarian vs. Creator’s Witness

Subject of discussion:”Is Jesus Jehovah?” Ethan Smith of Trinity Apologetics arguments Gordon in Australia of the Watchtower Culture on that Jesus is inning accordance with the Holy bible. Style (video clip exchange dispute):. -20 min opening declarations each. -12 min answers each. -10 min closing declarations each. Among Ethan’s various other arguments (yet regulated):. ‘ […]

Christian Male runs Creator’s Witnesses off his Road!

Lonnie Matherne going after a team of Creator’s witnesses off his road with words of God a bullhorn. The suggestion was not to have a discussion with these individuals or to ‘like” on them or anything like that. The suggestion was to quit them from contaminating my next-door neighbors with their dirt. I’m mosting likely […]