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Jehovah’s Witnesses on Cart Ministry discuss: No I won’t discuss the resurrection!

Some of these videos include scanned images taken from literature published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, or by others. I include these scans, or brief video clips in a few of my videos, which are offered freely (my channel is not monetized), under terms of the United States Fair Use Act of 1976, […]

Christian and LDS Scientologist dialogue (Part 2)

Hopefully this encourages you to share the biblical Jesus with others. For more information, visit Also, for our book on evangelizing to the LDS and Jehovah’s Witnesses, click here source

When should a Christian be Disfellowshipped?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures. source

Jehovah’s Witnesses v. Islam – Ep. 3 – Faith versus Faith (with Mohammed Alkhadra)

In the third episode of “Faith Versus Faith,” I compare Jehovah’s Witnesses with Islam with the help of ex-Muslim Mohammed Alkhadra. Speaking from Jordan, where apostates of Islam speak out at great personal risk despite living in a relatively secular Muslim state, Mohammed reveals what it is like to be raised in the world’s second […]

The Framework Degrees of Creator’s Witnesses Creator (Dr. James White)

Restored Mind is a TELEVISION Program that takes care of the destination that this globe system has and also its need to adapt us to its mould. Rather than overlooking the different assaults versus Holy Bible, ‘Renewed Mind’ faces any kind of legitimate insurance claim or allegation and also shows its mistake via godly audio […]

#34 Jehovahs Witnesses Judgmentalism & Pretension!!!

You have actually most likely seen it at the conferences. Individuals escape points and also a great deal of it depends upon that you recognize or just what team your in. This video clip confirms why it actually is absolutely nothing greater than a social club, although not an extremely enjoyable one haha. We likewise […]

Jehova Witness Vs Male Of God

Jehova witness plainly refutes Jesus Is God yet male of God verifies He is God. source


There are numerous point of views concerning that Jesus Christ is. Some, like the Creator’s Witnesses, assume He was a produced being and also not completely God. The Mormons think that He ended up being magnificent and also we could end up being magnificent. The Jews assume He was an instructor and also Muslims think […]

Creator’s Witnesses prohibited in Russia

Why russians intends to wind up with the JW. Oppression aim to outlaw Creator’s Witnesses in entire Russia source