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A Jewish response to a Pastor

A Rabbi in Israel answers a Christian pastor who questions him on why Jews do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah and son of G-d. The Rabbi answers and explains by giving evidence from the Torah & the Messianic prophecies that were given by G-d to the prophets in ancient times.

ABC. Lateline LGBTP Marriage Discussion.(Christianity, Liberal Judaism, Islam, Jesuits)

ABC Lateline asks various religious communities what their position is on perverting the definition of historical marriage in Australia and its legal standing. Christians and Muslims positions are supporting the protection of marriage, with a Jesuit wanting religious protection in an open marriage setup. The Liberal female Rabbi doesn’t see Eve as being created for […]


Julius Ciss’s CONFESSIONS OF A PREVIOUS JEW FOR JESUS was videotaped in L.a in 1991, simply 2 years after ex-Jew for Jesus Julius Ciss developed Jews for Judaism in Canada. Participants of Jews for Jesus, L.a, opposed before the host synagogue, the evening of this lecture. Exactly what was Jews for Jesus scared of? Julius […]

Ben Shapiro on why religious beliefs is important

Records: ” Idea in God is idea. You need to take a jump of confidence. It can not be shown, it’s not something that you could make a clinical theory and after that meet the theory. There’s no chance to verify these type of intangibles. The debate in favour of free choice needs to hinge […]

Black Israelites vs Christianity vs Judaism and also Jews

Black Israelites vs Christianity vs Judaism and also Jews. Follow us at our site Saturday, September 25 th, 14 th road near Union Sq, New York City. This team of Black Hebrew Israelites were. EXODUS1715 Also Known As THE SECT OF THE SICARII WWW.EXODUS1715 INFORMATION WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/EXODUS1715 GIVE AWAY. Jewish Vs JUDAH Israelites They Are black […]

CAN A JEW BE FOR JESUS like One for Israel, Jews for Jesus Chosen People Ministries ASKDrBrown МЕБИ?

Jesus was a Jew… BUT CAN A JEW BE FOR JESUS? Rabbi Immanuel J. Schochet, z”l, expounds on the Jews for Jesus phenomenon. Why Jews cannot believe in Jesus is in response to Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews and Hebrew Christians. and other Jews for Jesus missionaries that target Jews for conversion to Christianity. Rabbi […]

Can You Clarify Why Islam is Much Better Compared To Christianity or Judaism? – Ayden Zayn

LOCATE THIS TALK ON: iTunes:http://www.aydenzayn.com/itunes3 Google Play:http://www.aydenzayn.com/play3 Sound CD:http://www.aydenzayn.com/cd3 FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE/SHARE:. Ayden Zayn online:http://www.aydenzayn.com Ayden Zayn on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/aydenzayn Ayden Zayn on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/aydenzayn Ayden Zayn on Instagram:http://www.instagram.com/aydenzayn SUMMARY:. Muslims, Christians as well as Jews all think their religious beliefs to be the reality as well as the far better lifestyle. Via discussion as well as discussion, each […]

Christian, Jew as well as Muslim – Did any type of Jewish Prophet Believe 3 in 1 Principle of God – Audio Speakers Edge

Christian, Jew as well as Muslim, Did any type of Jewish Prophet Believe 3 in 1 idea of God. Subscribe, Like, Remark & Share. Many Thanks for Watching/Supporting DawahMedia. Call United States: dawahmedi9@gmail.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/DawahMediaOfficial source

Christianity VERSUS Judaism: Immortality as well as Messiah

Rabbi Matt Dreffin from the Institute of Southern Jewish Life took a trip to see us as well as review the Messiah as well as immortality. The discussion was accepted Rabbi Matt Dreffine as well as our personal hosts Jason as well as Travis. This was done at the Experience Church in Murfreesboro Tennessee. The […]

Dr. Brown Speaks To a Christian Convert to Judaism

Look into this interesting phone call to the Line of Fire on April 20,2017 source

Elizabeth Dilling – The Jewish Faith: Its Impact Today (Audiobook) (1/2)

PLEASE READ SUMMARY PRIOR TO VIEWING: This is a computer system produced audiobook narrative of Elizabeth Dilling’s The Jewish Faith: Its Impact Today (1954) (previously entitled: The Story Versus Christianity). This component covers The Material & Forward to Phase 7. It could not be a best narrative for paying attention, so I will certainly give […]