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New Age / Depression to Jesus My testimony

This is my testimony of how God has turned my life around and taken me from a place of complete darkness and into the light. Link for my book. “Breaking Down Those walls” as mentioned in this video. source

New Age Bondage vs Freedom in Christ

Discussing some of the basic differences between the lifestyles I have led as a New Ager and a Christian with specific details. A continuation of the testimony that I gave on Laura Maxwell’s Eternal Radio Show : source

Google Image COEXIST Pushing Antichrist New Age Religion & NWO (CONTRADICT)

Google in the USA has released an image pushing a NWO message saying COEXIST. Implying that Truth is absolute and not relative and also that multicultural diversity is a strength … ALL LIES! In this video I show you the truth … That Truth is absolute and that multicultural diversity is NOT a strength! Please […]

The New Age Beliefs

Doug Harris presents elements of the esoteric New Age Belief system. source

New Age’s Influence In The Church

Roberta Morrison-Gilbert teaches on the strategic long-term influence and infiltration of the New Age in the Church. There has never been more of a time for each and every Christian to read the Bible for themselves, testing what is coming from the pulpit. source

A Wrinkle in Time | Oprah and Disney teach New age to Children!

A Wrinkle In Time is a Disney Movie that stars Oprah, Resse Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and others. Directed by Ava DuVernay from a screenplay by Jennifer Lee based upon the beloved novel by Madeleine L’Engle, “A Wrinkle in Time” is produced by Jim Whitaker and Catherine Hand with Doug Merrifield serving as executive producer. Please […]

From new age to Jesus

This is my testimony on how Jesus Christ saved me. I was going through spiritual deception, always searching for the truth, thinking that I had to go deeper and deeper while he was waiting for me all along. The peace that I have since I have been saved is unlike anything I could even try […]

From New Age to the Lord Jesus Christ|Birthed Once More Christian Testament

From New Age to the Lord Jesus Christ – Born Again Christian Testament – After years looking, an unforeseen occasion took place in 2014 that made me transform as well as comply with the Lord Jesus Christ 100%. Taped: July2017 SUBSCRIBE. Youtube: COMPLY WITH. Google: Twitter: source

Catholic to New Age to Jesus Christ-Testimony to Jesus Christ-Christian-Saved-Born Again

I have actually been CONSERVED! Doing away with the Occult as well as New Age products-. Catholic to New Age to Jesus Christ-My Visual Testament to Jesus Christ-Christian-Saved-Born AgainNO EVEN MORE TIKI! Not that we have actually been drawn right into the techniques of the Evil one, after being birthed again/SAVED the Holy Spirit disclosed […]

Doreen Merit concerning Jesus, New Age, satanic forces and also NDE saves from heck

Doreen Merit video clip from April2017 She speaks about satanic forces and also satanic force belongings of New Agers, completion times and also NDE where individuals are saved from heck from 23 minutes onwards. source