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NEW AGE LEADER Marianne Williamson Condemns Christianity for Global Warming

Talking at Harvard Divinity College, New Age writer as well as audio speaker Marianne Williamson asserts that international warming is the outcome of Christian mentors. Alice Bailey, Aquarius, Lucis Depend On, Christianity, End Times, Scriptures Prediction, United Nations, Marianne Williamson, New Age, Global Warming, Environment Modification, Witchcraft, Feminism, Occultism, Occult, Luciferianism, Satanism source

From Christian Evangelist to Psychic New Age Spiritual Educator

A few weeks earlier, I developed a video clip called Damaging Up With Doreen Merit. Because video clip, I discussed Doreen’s shift from New Age to Christianity. A great deal of individuals discussed that video clip, consisting of Christians. Most of them evaluated me and also estimated bible to me, yet bit did they recognize […]

Club of Rome: The New Age Hindu Deceptiveness Invading Christianity and also Creating Global Consciousnesses

For Even more the most up to date information, records and also resources made use of in this video clip: Intend to belong to The Christian Truther: Required even more details on our subscriptions? Take a look at the STORE: Follow us on Facebook: Stay up to date with us on Twitter: Required aid or […]


Matthew 24:5 -8″For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom […]

New Age Furniture Will Deviant Your Stroll With Jesus

Holding on New Age things will certainly numb your principles and also draw you right into a comparable psycho-spiritual state you had when you made use of to be associated with the New Age activity. Toss this things out and also do not recall! source

Satanic New Age Religious Beliefs: Component 1 – New Age to New Christian (My Statement)

I invested the last 5 years obtaining much deeper right into the New Age/ Occult activity however I am currently a birthed once again Christian. This is my statement as well as describes my experiences on the planet of this hazardous activity. Partially II of this video clip, I reveal the connections in between Satanism […]

Doreen Merit Knocks the Tarot/Mediums/Ascended Masters & Becomes Christian

New Age Writer Doreen Merit has actually currently concerned Christ! Doreen is just one of one of the most preferred writers in the brand-new age activity. She has actually been creating deal with angel cards, reiki, reflection, etc in big quantities. When I was a brand-new ager I liked her publications. Applaud God He has […]

Prominent New Age Expert Encounters Jesus

A spiritual expert with numerous hundreds of fans has a frightening vision and also recognizes he ignored the powers he had fun with. He looks to the Holy bible to discover if Jesus is that he declared to be. source

Doreen Merit and also the Christianity vs New Age Misconception|Rainbow Change

Doreen Merit coming out of the storage room as a birthed once again Christian does not specify that you are as an emotionally encouraged person. Christianity vs New Age is a misconception right here’s why. Obtain your duplicate of WHITE HOT REALITY it will certainly alter your life Review my horoscope post regarding your individual […]