Restoration Movement

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“Our Restoration Movement Heritage”

Kenwood Levels Christian Church in Louisville, Ky. * Lecture by: Randy Beard, Senior Citizen Preacher * May 14,2017 source

SUBJECTING False Church Teaching as well as Popular False Christian Teaching

Revealing incorrect church teaching as well as preferred incorrect Christian teaching is the key objective of several that want a go back to the genuine origins of the Holy bible. There is much pagan Christian teaching instructed today however many are not aware of the beginning as well as instances of this incorrect teaching as […]

Remediation Motion

Bring back is an activity that links the void in between fatherless individuals as well as those that prefer to be daddies. Substantiated of Malachi 4:6 the objective of Restore is to see the whole household recovered as well as whole. source

Óscar Romero & freedom faith

Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga speaks about Óscar Romero & freedom faith source

Church of Christ Remediation Motion Intro

Talk about bible with initial century context, as the basis of the existing remediation activity. Paul anticipated in bible, that the church would certainly drop away, therefore the should ” restore” the initial initial century church in contemporary times. This is necessary for individuals to obtain the exact same advantages each the “covenant” as God […]

Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell (12 September 1788– 4 March 1866) was a Scots-Irish immigrant that ended up being a commissioned priest in the USA as well as joined his papa Thomas Campbell as a leader of a reform initiative that is traditionally referred to as the Repair Activity, as well as by some as the “Stone-Campbell Movement.” […]