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Daniel (Component 6) The 70 Weeks (B)

The agreement that is reinforced for one week (7 years) is the Mosaic Commitment. Elijah has to concern bless the priesthood. God will certainly offer Israel a home window of 7 years to repent inning accordance with the regards to Deut.30 source

Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prediction

Daniel 9: 24-27 – 70 weeks revelation Nehemiah 2:1 -8 – rule to restore the city wall surface Nehemiah 4: 17 – city wall surface rebuilt John 19: 30 – Jesus Christ tortured Acts 1:6 -7 – Jewish adherents all set for the 70 th week Hosea 6:1 -2 – 2 day (2000 years 2 […]

Daniel 9: 20-27// The 70 Weeks Revelation

Discover the solitary most extraordinary revelation in the whole Scriptures! It covers centuries as well as is proven to the day! In this research study, Daniel will certainly be provided a revelation that handles the completeness of Israel’s fate – previous, existing, as well as future … source

70 Weeks of Daniel

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70 Weeks of Daniel

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The 70 Weeks of Daniel 9

Among one of the most magnificent revelations in all of the Holy bible, Daniel 9 informs the specific year of Jesus’ very first concerning the Jewish country practically 2000 years back. Exactly what’s outstanding is that Daniel anticipated this over 500 years prior to it occurred, and also Jesus appeared exactly on time. Exactly what’s […]

Daniel’s 70 weeks

Daniel’s 70 weeks is believed be recommendation end time occasions, however is this what bible plainly mentions or is it prophecying concerning the Messiah and also his fatality? Allows discover just what bible needs to state concerning Daniel’s revelations. source

Description Of Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prediction Daniel 9

This is the 2nd bottom line of my Hand Sunday preaching taught in2017 The title of that preaching was”Who Is This” Utilizing Matthew 21:1-11 as a beginning factor, by taking a look at the occasions as well as predictions bordering Jesus’ Entrance right into Jerusalem, we could see there is evidence past all sensible uncertainty […]