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DAY OF REASONING (2nd Upcoming of Jesus Christ) – Complete Episode

This video clip advises us exactly what’s truly crucial in life, due to the fact that when we stand dealing with the throne of God the day of reasoning, what reason would certainly we need to validate our wickedness? Would certainly we be conserved by the 2nd resulting Jesus? Or will we condemned for endless […]

Lana Del rey the 2nd resulting Jesus

A video clip discussing why Lana Del rey is the 2nd resulting Christ source

The 2nd Upcoming of Jesus Christ

Will the return of Jesus Christ be a trick, or will it be with yelling and also heralds? On today’s version of TruNews, Rick Wiles, Zach Drew and also Doc Burkhart check out the Scriptures that discuss the 2nd Upcoming of the Messiah, and also just how the Scriptures will certainly drink the structures of […]

4 REALITIES Concerning The SECONDLY UPCOMING that WILL SURPRISE YOU !! (The Return of Jesus Christ)

Just what is the last point to occur prior to Jesus returns? Just what will occur in the 2nd Upcoming of Christ? Is the return of Jesus near? See the solution to these inquiries as well as a lot more by seeing this video clip! To Assistance this network, Sight A lot more Web content, […]


The Scriptures suggests that the 2nd resulting Jesus will certainly come with a time when most do not anticipate. Many will certainly seek out and also state, “I knew He was coming. I just didn’t know it would be so soon!” The indications of the moments are roaring at us like alarms and also blinking […]


The Distinction in between the Rapture and also 2nd Upcoming of Jesus Christ. Do not be left. Matthew 24: 36 “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH & THE 2ND RESULTING JESUS & THE MILLENNIAL KINGDOM OF CHRIST […]

The 2nd Resulting Jesus: Is It An Allegory?

Patreon: In the New Age activity, the 2nd coming is thought to be an allegory for an international change in awareness. In this video clip, we consider the reality regarding the 2nd originating from words of Jesus himself. Facebook: Internet site: Instagram: Video clip credit scores: source

2nd resulting Jesus Christ|HD|terrific representation

view this video clip subscribe this network to obtain christian tunes and also information. source

What Is The 2nd Resulting Jesus Christ?

What Is The 2nd Resulting Jesus Christ? The 2nd Resulting Jesus Christ Is The Hope Of Believers That God Is In Control Of All Points, And Also Is Faithful To The Assures And Also Prophecies In His Word. In His Very First Upcoming, Jesus Christ Concerned Planet As An Infant In A Manger In Bethlehem, […]

The Rapture Vs.The Secondly Resulting Jesus Christ

There’s a great deal of complication worrying the rapture as well as 2nd resulting Jesus Christ. This video clip is a sector from our primary video clip at, as well as I wish it clears some complication. Jesus is coming SOON! Live Holy, prepare, Obtain Conserved! source

The 2nd Resulting The Lord

An Exceptional Computer Animation Portraying The 2nd Comming Of Christ. source

Are You Prepared For The 2nd Upcoming of Jesus Christ – David Wilkerson

Are You Prepared For The 2nd Upcoming of Jesus Christ? Or Are You Like Some That Believe Lord Jesus Will Be Not Back For Many Years or Possibly Centuries? Are You Living Like The Evil One, As Well As Believe You Will Certainly Be Conserved As Well As Most Likely To Paradise ?? Are You […]

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