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Just how, why, when did Satan drop from paradise?

Exactly How, why, when did Satan drop from paradise? Where did Satan originate from? Why did Satan choose to rebel versus God? source

Satan Cosmo Dinardo Serial Murders Rapture Killers Illuminati Freemason Importance–abc-news-topstories.html Satan is aiming to eliminate the rapture Eagle and also the Female and also Youngster of Discovery12 ◄ Discovery 12 ►. King James Scriptures. The Female and also the Dragon. 1And there showed up a fantastic marvel in paradise; a female dressed with the sunlight, and also the moon under her feet, and also […]

Battle in paradise, God’s Impressive Fight with Wickedness [FULL VIDEO]

Guide of Discovery explains a battle in paradise in between angels led by the Angel Michael versus those led by “the dragon”– recognized as “the devil and Satan”– that are beat and also tossed down to the planet. Discovery’s battle in paradise is associated with the suggestion of dropped angels, and also feasible parallels have […]

When Lucifer Became The Adversary by Wayne Huntley

To locate the beginning of Lucifer, we resort to the Old Testimony. In the Hebrew, the name Lucifer is equated from the Hebrew word “helel,” which indicates illumination. This classification, describing Lucifer, is the making of the “morning star” or “bright star” which exists in Isaiah. “12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, […]

Discovery 12 – September 23 – The Dragon of Discovery Explained

Discovery 12 (KJV). 12 And also there showed up a wonderful marvel in paradise; a lady dressed with the sunlight, as well as the moon under her feet, as well as after her head a crown of twelve celebrities:. 2 And also she being with kid sobbed, travailing in birth, as well as hurt to […]


Lucifer is simply an additional name for Satan he was developed by God countless years earlier as a best angel. as well as he was called Lucifer as well as he stayed in paradise. Lucifer was over each angel in paradise. His look was lovely as well as amazing. He emitted light as well as […]