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Hebrew Israelites: Creator Witness Pair knocked on The Incorrect Door

THE SURGE OF THE CHOSEN, Fact Beyond the Surface Area Holy Place Songs supplied by Rujay. Critical: “Change of Plans” by Youthful Natan. Video clip: source

Is Jesus Michael The Angel?

Did an angel come to be human or did God come to be human? (Creator’s Witnesses’ Watchtower teaching vs Holy bible teaching). source

My Experience with a Creator Witness|Christianity

My Experience with a Creator Witness|Christianity In this video clip I speak about running into Creator Witnesses and also a few of the literary works they lose consciousness and also contrast it with the Holy bible. Track utilized in Video clip: Fascinate by Kevin MacLeod is accredited under an Imaginative Commons Acknowledgment certificate ( Resource: […]

5 Factors Creator’s Witnesses Do Not Observe The Sabbath

Colossians 2;-LRB- **********),17- Weekly Sabbath not needed. There is a Sabbath remainder that Christians are needed to observe, yet it has absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish celebrations, brand-new moon, or an once a week Sabbath; as well as even more to do with relaxing from negative jobs: dead jobs as well as jobs […]

The brand-new generation of creator’s witnesses (Dr. James R White)

Restored Mind is a TELEVISION Program that handles the tourist attraction that this globe system has and also its need to adhere us to its mould. As opposed to neglecting the different strikes versus Holy Bible, ‘Renewed Mind’ faces any type of legitimate case or allegation and also shows its mistake with godly audio speakers […]

Creator’s Witnesses spread like cockroaches when faced by Road Preacher!

Lonnie Matherne as well as Evangelist Jimmy Miller teaching the Scripture of Jesus Christ on Decatur Road in New Orleans as well as facing Creator’s Witnesses with a huge wood cross. The fact heads out as well as they run like the cowards that they are. The JW’s established their cubicle on Decatur Road daily. […]

Creator’s Witnesses are Not Christians

Priest Wagner reveals from the Scriptures the “Jesus” of the Creator’s Witnesses is a counterfeit “another Jesus” that is a developed god as well as not a saviour. For the total overview made use of for this video clip, see: To find out more regarding Sovereign Poise: Picture from: source

Why Christians ought to defend Creator’s Witnesses

Why Russia prohibiting the Creator’s Witnesses is a dreadful as well as inadequate method of managing the Watchtower Cult. source

Ravi Zacharias on Jehovah’s Witnesses

Ravi Zacharias speaking on the Jehovah’s Witnesses from the Way of the Master

Jesus is God – Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims issue – John 1:3

John Piper on the Deity of Jesus Christ from John 1:1-3. Whole sermon “In the Beginning Was the Word” can be found here:

What verses can help a Jehovah’s Witness accept salvation through Jesus Christ?

What verses can help a Jehovah’s Witness accept salvation through Jesus Christ? This clip is from our series entitled: What do Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe?

Paul Washer – Evangelism of The Jehovah’s Witness Evangelism of The Jehovah’s Witness “….If anyone is preaching to you a gosple contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.” * Whats Your Gosple? * 1 Cor 15:1-4 * Gal 1:6-10

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