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Reiki as well as the New Age, the demonic, as well as Jesus Christ my tale

My tale of exactly how I appeared of the brand-new age as well as reiki as well as back to Jesus Christ. Much love! Psalm51 51 Commiserate after me, O God, inning accordance with thy lovingkindness: according against the wide range of thy tender grace remove my disobediences. 2 Laundry me throughly from mine iniquity, […]

Cleaning Up The New Age Complication … Christianity Kundalini and also Reflection- Component 1

Show to the kids below … Assist maintain us in Tanzania … source

My Testament: Exactly how I went from New Age to Jesus Christ!!

Hello There. This video clip has to do with my life. This provides a short summary of just how I familiarized my Lord as well as Hero Jesus Christ. I hope that this video clip aids a person in requirement. Magnificence to Jesus Christ! Magnificence to God! source

New Age VS Christianity finish times circumstance’s

The brand-new age and also christian end times ideas share the exact same spirit, considereding as though i got on both sides, this video clip is my ideas on the topic. source

The New Age Schedule Explained

Is the New Age Activity a front for a one-world religious beliefs? ~ Broaden for web links ~ Site: Facebook Web Page: Twitter Account: Google+ Account: Minds Account: GAB Account: PayPal: Patreon: BitChute: Hyperlinks pertaining to the video clip:. the-new-age-agenda-explained. html. source

Flexibility from satanic forces of BRAND-NEW AGE – YOGA EXERCISE – OCCULT – KUNDALINI –

Take a look at this incredible testament Jesus’ conserving power. Release from Reiki, New Age, Reflection, Automatic Composing, Shamanism, Yoga Exercise, Kundalini, Channeling, Buhddism, Occult, Homosexuality and also a lot more! source

New Age Jesus vs Christian Jesus

If you viewed My Statement, I pointed out that my trip back to a connection with Jesus was a long, winding, twisted roadway yet I really did not discuss why. In this video clip, I discuss exactly how I had an extremely brief experience with New Age Spirituality as well as exactly how via that, […]

Testament from Atheism to New Age to Jesus

Michael Tsovko”My testimony in finding the most important truth of life, the Lord and Savior Jesus.” For much more from Michael Tsovko subscribe - source

Roger Dollar: Episode 5 – Intro to the New Age Hazard

Roger Dollar, a transform from the New Age Motion to Catholicism describes why the New Age is a real hazard to Christianity. He speaks, also, of his past as a New Age lobbyist, that, before his conversion, as soon as lived at the significant New Age neighborhood of Findhorn in Scotland. This video clip additionally […]

New Age Deceived “Christians” – Are You Among Them????

SEE SIBLING SHARON AT: Send out PETITION DEMAND straight to Sibling Sharon as well as DOWNLOAD FREE publications composed by Sibling Sharon for your illumination – GO HERE DON’T FAIL TO REMEMBER to REGISTER FOR obtain Sibling Sharon’s most recent admonitions! source

Knocking the New Age in Favour of Christianity as well as The Other Way Around (Rainbow Unity For All)

The inquiry was asked: Just recently a popular spiritual educator in the New Age area made a decision to knock the New Age as well as all the items she has actually produced, like oracle cards as well as publications, as well as welcome Christianity as well as Christian mentors. I am so puzzled since […]

From Christianity To New Age

A short total summary of my course from a Christian training to my genuine New Age course of diverse witchcraft. source

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