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THE WAR OF GOG/MAGOG (program 1 of 2)

Perry Stone is on location in the Golan Heights in Israel to share an end time message concerning the coming war of Ezekiel 38 and 39 called in scripture the war of Gog of the land of Magog involving Russia set to occur in the end times. This war will be a devastating war that […]

Obama is Gog and Will Start World War 3 Soon – Chilling Prophecy by Young Man ‘Natan’

FULL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H0MDGIXZ0o ——— The war of Gog and Magog started on the 27th of Elul the 11th of September 2015, and it will get much worse in the weeks or months to come. There will be a huge World War that will eventually lead the nations of the world to unite and attack Israel […]


Steve Cioccolanti ★ GOG MAGOG WAR – IS RUSSIA INVOLVED (NEW PROPHECY 2017) #SteveCioccolanti2017 #SermonsSteveCioccolanti #PastorSteveCioccolanti #SteveCioccolantiThisWeek #EverySteveCioccolanti #SteveCioccolantiProphecy #SteveCioccolantiProphecyUpdate ╔════════════════════════════════════════╗ ║We do not own this Video. This video was created by using ║Youtube Video Creators in Creative Common and it was remade and resounded. ║Please view source videos from the Official Channel Of Steve […]

Gog/Magog Battle At the Door: Scriptures Prediction – When Israel is Bordered

I share scriptural revelations from Isaiah, Ezekiel, as well as Zechariah that explain just what the Gog/Magog Battle will certainly appear like. It is getting a lot even worse for Israel prior to it obtain’s much better. Please Wish Israel! Ways To Know Jesus Christ as Your Lord as well as Rescuer: The Scriptures informs […]

Israel’s Success over Gog as well as Magog Explained!!!

Ezekiel 38-39 exposes a remarkable as well as thorough revelation concerning a future battle war Israel. This battle is called the “Gog and Magog War” due to the fact that individuals of Magog as well as their leader Gog will certainly lead the assault. Bible plainly shows that this certain battle will certainly be a […]


A message listened to by Hebrews around the globe on Shabat evening August 24,2012 It could be closer compared to we really understand Zion. Be ye gotten ready for just what is knocking at the door O Home Of Israel. source

Ezk 38 Gog Magog Battle Quickly? Not till Centuries ends

When the thousand years are run out, Satan will hang from his jail, As well as will head out to trick the countries which remain in the 4 quarters of the planet, Gog as well as Magog, to collect them with each other to fight: the variety of which is as the sand of the […]

Gog and also Magog, the King of the North and also the King of the South

Describes exactly what the Gog/Magog battle is and also exactly how when it will certainly occur. Explains that Gog is and also his previous background. Fits Scriptures revelation with existing occasions. source

The Gog Magog Battle Led by Turkey or Russia

Joel Richardson Provides The Below Ground Episode 13 Scriptures Revelation source

Security guard Update; The Gog Magog battle planned;

This is Amir’s upgrade on the center eastern. I do recommend you register for his web page. source

GOG and also MAGOG– The ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE of The Last Battle– by Yuval Ovadia

Among one of the most remarkable movies from YUVAL OVADIA ever before, informing the genuine tricks behind the Israeli-Arab problem, up until the unanticipated Armageddon orgasm of Gog-U-Magog From YUVAL OVADIA, the popular filmmaker of HAMESIMA X & ABSOLUTELY NO HR, See HamesimaX:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTp-A… Call: HamesimaX@gmail.com. source