Gog Magog War

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Globe Battle III (Gog-Magog): Why Turkey, NOT Rome, is Trick

In this 7 mins clip from the 2 hr training, I reveal why revelation instructors have actually missed it by concentrating on Europe as opposed to Turkey. See the total training at:http://discover.org.au/bookshop/index.php?route=product/search&keyword=world%20war Just how precisely will Globe Battle III (also known as the “Gog-Magog” Battle) unravel? Ezekiel forecasted it almost 3000 years ago … lastly […]

The Tale of Gog as well as Magog (Ya’ juj And also Ma’ juj)

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Gog Magog Identified. ITS NOT RUSSIA.

Gog & Magog discussed and also determined. Armageddon exposed. Satan’s seat – Discovery 2:13 Noah’s Ark landed in Turkey – Genesis 8:4. The 7 Churches were done in Turkey – Discovery 2. Various other bibles I have actually utilized in this video clip consist of:. Ezekiel 38:3. source

Gog Magog Battle Coming Up?

Complimentary download ~ Scriptures Prediction worrying the Gog-Magog Battle Of Ezekial 38 Occurring Currently? source

Ezekiel 38- The Gog Magog battle- that is Magog as well as her allies?- holy bible revelation

Guide of Ezekiel was created in between 593 as well as 565 B.C. throughout the Babylonian bondage of the Jews. Below in Ezekiel phase 38 we have a prediction of a battle versus Israel from a nation called magog as well as her allies. Exactly how could this be? Israel was spread as a country […]

Ezekiel’s Battle: The Islamic Intrusion of Israel as well as Fatality of Gog

Ezekiel’s Battle: The Islamic Intrusion of Israel as well as Fatality of Gog The Scriptures informs us a Babylon-Persian Islamic 10 country confederacy will certainly attack as well as try to ruin Israel in the long run times. Babylon is Iraq as well as Syria, as well as Persia is Iran. Turkey is likewise associated […]