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  • Indian Christians get ready to face Persecutions

    Indian Christians prepare to deal with Persecutions

    Motivating talk and videos of Hindu Radicals maltreating Christian siblings in various parts of India ... share this video as much as possible ... A magnificent revival is going to concern India ... Be prepared some may get jailed, might [...]
  • Asian, African countries dominate top 10 list for Christian persecution

    Asian, African nations control leading 10 list for Christian persecution More than 100 million Christians around the world struggle with persecution, inning accordance with the non-denominational firm Open Doors International. In 2013, most of nations lie in Asia or Africa. The worst [...]
  • The World’s Most Persecuted Minority: Christians

    The World’s A lot of Persecuted Minority: Christians

    The World's A lot of Persecuted Minority: Christians. The most maltreated and taken advantage of individuals on the planet today are Christians in the Middle East. The wrongdoers of the extensive damage of that area's Christian neighborhood? [...]


    In 2017 Christians are the most maltreated Religious beliefs on the planet and its on the boost, this video provides you the most current truths. ESSENTIAL: PLEASE ASSISTANCE United States AND SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH OTHERS !! PROPHETIC WORD [...]
  • Christian Persecution within India

    Christian Persecution within India

    I do not care exactly what you think in, I do not think in butchering any group of individuals for exactly what they think in. The persecution versus Christians going on in Iraq, Africa, India, as well as U.S.A is getting absurd and if this [...]
  • StandWithUs+: Christians of the Middle East

    StandWithUs+: Christians of the Middle East

    This Christmas we long for a brighter future for Christians of the Middle East. In almost all nations of the Middle East, Christians are extensively maltreated. The one exception? Israel. Not just is Israel the just safe house for Christians [...]
  • Christian Persecution: The FACTS | End Times | August 2016

    Christian Persecution: The TRUTHS|End Times|August 2016

    END TIMES, END TIMES NEWS, END TIMES SIGNS, Strange Weather condition, Scriptural Prediction 2016, End of Days, 2016 is Weird, Indications of Modification. Twister, Extreme Weather condition, Flash Floods. In 2015, there were over [...]
  • Persecution of Christians in Africa

    Persecution of Christians in Africa Christian Documentary: The Gospel Beyond Borders - Chapter 2 of 8 Persecution in Uganda, Africa. This chapter provides the story of a female who endured a few of the worst persecution in the history [...]
  • Christians forming militias to fight against ISIS – Middle East advocate

    Christians forming militias to combat versus ISIS– Middle East supporter

    The Islamic State has actually ended up being understood for its ruthless violence and persecution of Assyrian Christians in the areas it inhabits, however there still stays some secret relating to the conditions Assyrian Christians live under [...]
  • Stories of Christian Persecution | Fatima of Saudi Arabia

    Stories of Christian Persecution|Fatima of Saudi Arabia

    Developed by Open Doors Australia, we find out the heartbreaking and motivating story of Fatima from Saudi Arabia. View this tough story and be all set to be challenged in your faith. To find out more on Christian persecution in Saudi [...]


    U.S. President Barack Obama is connecting to africans today. He's exploring Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. In Tanzania, the nation's Christians are hoping Mr. Obama will speak up versus increased acts of persecution versus them. source