Calling Homeland Safety And Security To Record Jewish Zionist Terrorists

If most of us did exactly what Brendon does we would certainly a minimum of have the opportunity of discovering a person that could pay attention and also make a decision to do something about it. It holds true that these crooks have actually penetrated all of it, yet we SHOULD resist, we cannot simply rest and also whine. The job we do online is insufficient, we need to do something about it. The even more individuals call the even more stress they will certainly have. Stress from individuals, is exactly what the federal government requires! Do This, Do Something About It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I loved this video and agree 100% with most of it…but let's get real. The United States has the best investigative agencies in the world. They for sure already know and have access to all this information. They already know the BS ISRAEL is doing. If our government wanted to put an end to it, they would. What needs to happen is that the people of the United States, Britain and the World needs to find effective ways to actually pressure government to act against Israel. It is because Zionist's largely run America and other places, besides Israel this is allowed to continue unabated…and this infiltration must be rooted out by the people themselves….otherwise, there will be no change. I know this and so do the vast majority of YOU! And in the mean time, because no one acts and challenges the Zionist's, they are destroying our nations and turning us into their slaves more and more with every day that passes while they remain unchallenged.

  2. Oooh, I Like this guy. Very serious, knowledgeable, pragmatic and a Big Pair. He's an Attack Dog with a Cause — a Great cause. I am Sick beyond belief with Israel's Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, Thieving , Lying and Conniving, Deceit, Subterfuge and 9-11 TERROR!!! It's time to Cut the Head from the Snake and send Israel's Zionist Lucifer worshiping Cabal a two word Love Letter —- Neutron Bomb.

  3. Thing is that homeland security was created after 9/11 and one might say that was one of the reasons they did the false flag attack. Also the FBI's primary job is suppression of domestic dissent (counter-intelligence) so despite there being evidence of Israel doing this they are more likely to kill the messenger so to speak, just like they do with people who tell the truth about 9/11 how it was a Zionist Neocon orchestrated false flag by the US military and intelligence.

  4. To the Jesus Freaks out here
    Isn't it nice of Jesus to help (sarcasm) the millions upon millions of suffering, starved, deprived, neglected, tortured, impoverished, ill, poisoned, and imprisoned men, women, children, and animals? Prayers and beliefs just are not enough. Get off your knees and do NOT turn the other cheek. FIGHT!

  5. Something suspicious? Jews running the Fed, Wall St., the entire media, the legal system, the federal government, both political parties in America, the school system, American foreign policy, etc…….

  6. I contact some people like the jew lawyers after Brendon and I'm nowhere near this nice. Apprently I've got some mental condition where I speak like an autistic when I get pissed like. I try to keep it legal and remind nations like Australia that America bombs everyone so watch out for our govt if you need democracy

  7. The Zionist is an "Intra Species Predator/Parasite" and is humanities greatest threat, masquerading all the while as its greatest victim (HOLOHOAX) to forward its agenda: Full Spectrum World Domination.
    Great work mate!
    Beware the "Ask-a-nasty Jews

  8. When I turn my TV on all I see is Jews and/or Blacks. Even the commercals have or Jews or Blacks on them. Watch a game show? Same story. Never White Christians. They say we are the majority. I say that is BS. Jews own everything in life. The Jewstream media,Hollyweird,The US federal reserve(He who controls the money controls everything)Most of money in this world and the US taxpayers gives money to Israel.

  9. Evil rewarded by international jewery, evil is profitable and puts down man, this is the premise of Zionism. Greed, hate and ultimately profit with no regard for life.

    Of course they are terrorists, of course they are evil, they aren't even human beings

  10. Dead right, from day one, the garden of Eden was all about a ruling elite, Adam was to rule all the GOYIM outside
    of the garden of Eden,(patriarchy) the so-called Jew believe they are the chosen
    we the GOYIM …….are to be exploited enslaved under the WHIP of the so-called chosen THE END

  11. They have nukes and have threatened to destroy all the major cities of the World if their (illegal) future is in jeopardy. Why are they not confronted on that issue whilst they make false claims about Iran? Slaughter people of the Middle East and elsewhere. Time for corrupt people of the World to think more about humanity than some bucks they receive as kickbacks. And a diamond isn't a girls best friend. It is Israels.