Atheist VERSUS Priest, Argument

David Fitzgerald Writer of Toenailed
An in-studio discussion in between Priest Vocab and also atheist David Fitzgerald. David is the writer of Toenailed, a publication suggesting Jesus never ever existed. Our emphasis is the non-biblical proof for Jesus, such as the Jewish chronicler Josephus.
Unique Visitor: David Fitzgerald of the Nonreligious Pupil Partnership


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  1. As an atheist I love the Gospel of Mark, just because he clearly made it up. The rhetorical devices are beautiful. It's written to the reader (of Mark's sect) while the characters often have noe clue. There is nada historical truth there, no way. Literary stuff only. A lot.

    The disciples have no faith, while a woman just had heard about this guy and have awesome faith and get cured. There are so much stuff going on in Mark like this. Love it. The disciples are so darn stupid, time and time again, so I think Mark just made the apostles (Peter, James and John), real people who preached a Jesus in the sky, into stupid disciples, just to warn the reader about how not to behave…

    No wonder other gospel writers wanted to build on Mark's story and make Jesus say the things their sect already preached. The women at the tomb just had to tell the disciples no matter what Mark clearly say (they did not tell anyone). Come on, fiction all the way.